Loyalty360 Reads: AI Makes Waves in Employee Recruiting, Ad Agencies, Wawa Testing Digitized Shopping Experience, Splash Sports Launches New Rewards Program

The Impacts of AI in the Talent Search World, Looks to Improve Candidate CVs 

The race for leveraging Artificial Intelligence to gain an edge over competitors has impacted every industry. AI is now being seen as a potentially useful tool for employers in finding the right candidate with specific skills and the ideal background. However, it’s not an entirely new phenomenon. 

Recruiters have used so-called machine-learning AI, primarily in the form of software that uses job descriptions to automatically filter applicant pools. The rise of generative AI, however, will turbocharge their ability to find the best candidates for a given job, recruiters say. 

“I’ve been doing this a long time, and this is probably the most pivotal thing I’ve seen that will disrupt recruitment,” said Shannon Moorman, global head of talent acquisition and executive search at advertising holding company WPP. AI could be particularly helpful to marketing organizations, which often conduct complex searches designed to divine candidates’ future performance as much as their direct experience, Moorman said.  


Wawa Tests All-Digital Convenience Store 

Wawa, the popular convenience store chain, has decided to pilot a digital store program for a more streamlined customer experience. Wawa Inc. has opened an all-digital store in the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia. The test format features no shelves, just touchscreens for customers to place their orders, which are then retrieved by Wawa associates from behind the counter. Customers may also place orders at the store via the Wawa app. 

This trial period will help Wawa gather customer feedback and information to better implement changes they want to see in Wawa locations. "This will allow busy customers to place their orders and get their purchases faster than ever — fulfilled by friendly Wawa associates," said Wawa spokesperson Lori Bruce. 


Splash Sports Launches in 33 States, Commissioner Rewards Program 

Splash Sports, the new peer-to-peer real money gaming platform, announced it is live in 33 states across the country, including Florida, Texas, and California. Now, friends and groups in these states can use Splash to organize Survivor, PickX and/or Daily Fantasy contests in accordance with state regulations. 

"We are thrilled to bring Splash to the masses just in time for the NFL season," said Joel Milton, Splash Sports co-founder. "Our most frequent request on RYP/OFP is 'can we play games for real money on your platform' and we are excited to share that for some of our most popular games, the answer is now 'yes.'" 

Splash Sports is the new gaming platform built for friends and groups to safely compete in contests for real money without the need for a sportsbook or casino.  

The company will initially offer a Tiers game along with their popular Survivor and PickX contest products, among additional game types and sports throughout the year. 

As part of the launch, Splash has plans to reward commissioners (contest organizers) up to $2 million in total bonuses for running contests for their friends or community on the Splash Sports platform through its Commissioner Economy™. 

"Our commissioners are the reason people keep coming back to our site. We think of our commissioners as content creators and our contests as our content. It only makes sense to reward our commissioners for organizing compelling contests and incentivize them to run more of them," said TJ Ross, Splash Sports co-founder. "We've also seen a natural fit with existing content creators like sports bloggers, podcasters, Twitch streamers and existing content companies, who can become commissioners themselves, using our contests to bring their community together, engage with them, and create a new revenue stream for themselves while doing so." 

This rewards program will have contests for the NFL season with some of the top commissioners on RunYourPool and OfficeFootballPool as well as industry partners such as Fantasy Pros, Playmaker, All City Sports, and Betsperts, to name a few.  


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