A new year spawns new beginnings: new resolutions, new ambitions, and a new perspective on what the coming days may bring. In few industries is this truer than customer loyalty. Given the fast pace at which the market moves, 2017 can very easily look like an entirely different industry than 2016.
To stay updated on the latest trends, Loyalty360 members chimed in to create the Loyalty Trends 2017 Report. The report examines the year ahead in customer loyalty from a qualitative perspective, going beyond the numbers to find out how marketers within the space see customer experience evolving from the inside out.
“Thanks to the constant influx of new technologies, customer loyalty has proven to be among the fastest moving sectors in marketing,” said Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360. “The Loyalty Trends 2017 report is our way of cutting through the static to find out exactly how our membership sees the market evolving over the course of the new year.”
Contributing to the report were thought leaders from the same brands and technology providers that are positioned to drive the industry forward not only in 2017 but for years to come. Positioned in a similar vein to our CMO Challenge reports, Loyalty Trends 2017 features first-hand insight from brands like Wheaton Worldwide Moving | Bekins Van Lines, as well as suppliers like Epsilon, Verint, Stellar Loyalty, Pegasystems, and more.
Covered within the report are topics including the future of mobile apps, personalization, social media, and the definition of customer loyalty as a whole. Answers to these questions provide an enlightening glimpse at where the industry may be heading according to the shifting demands and expectations of today’s consumer.
You can download Loyalty Trends 2017, presented by Loyalty360, here.

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