Tahzoo to present a webinar that demonstrates how companies can deliver highly relevant and personalized customer experiences in every channel

Marketers know that they need to deliver highly relevant and personalized customer experiences on every channel. The question then becomes: What exactly is a great customer experience and how do we understand our customers well enough to deliver it?

On Oct. 7, 2014 at 1 pm EDT, Loyalty360 will host a webinar titled, “So You Want to Get Personal?” which will be presented by Tahzoo.

This webinar will provide a detailed framework so companies can easily understand what constitutes a great customer experience in the eyes of their customers. The framework will be detailed in the context of some of the largest cultural events, including the Super Bowl ad frenzy, The World Cup, and the Olympics.

Understanding how brands succeeded or failed at actually connecting with customers in this context will provide real world examples of how companies can re-evaluate and optimize their marketing efforts to deliver powerful customer experiences.

The featured webinar speakers are: Misia Tramp, EVP Insights & Innovation at Tahzoo; and John Kottcamp, Chief Marketing Technologist at Tahzoo.

“Delivering highly relevant and personalized customer experiences is the ultimate goal for marketers all over the world,” shared Erin Raese, President of Loyalty360 – The Loyalty Marketer’s Association. “This webinar will offer attendees the secrets behind defining great customer experiences, and how to deliver those memorable experiences.”

Marketers are invited to join Loyalty360 and Tahzoo on Oct. 7, 2014 at 1 p.m. EDT to learn how personalize customer experiences in every channel. To register for this webinar and for more information, visit: http://loyalty360.org/conferences/event/so-you-want-to-get-personal

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