Hotel coalitions can be a valuable tool in the hospitality industry. For hotels that want to retain their independence while having access to the amenities—including extensive loyalty programs—found in larger chains, the mechanism allows them to enjoy the best of both worlds. The latest of these coalitions to launch is the Monopoly Global Alliance Program.

Through the program, three, four, and five-star hotels will have the opportunity to purchase a membership to the group, giving them access to technology like the Monopoly ResNet Central Reservations System, which enables these hotels to achieve a high level of CX through a more seamless reservation tracking and execution system.

“The launch of Monopoly Hotels & Resort - Alliance Program is an important step toward realizing the needs of independent hotels and national hotel groups, and a platform where hotels can compete with Global Hotel Chains,” said John Mavrak, CEO, Monopoly Hotels & Resorts. “The Monopoly Alliance is expected to grow rapidly through annual membership subscriptions.”

The program also allows members to offer the VIP Guest Loyalty Program, which includes not only tangible value and rewards for customers but an advanced level of recognition and personalization previously reserved for branded hotel chains.

The resource looks to be particularly useful for hotels that have become an integral part of the local culture but doesn’t possess the branding or financial benefits of larger chains.

In a move similar to the Ascend Hotel Collection and the soft brand movement, the Monopoly Alliance allows hotels to retain their branding. This ensures a unique flavor at each location and serves as a differentiating factor that sets the alliance apart from larger hotel chains.

The alliance, particularly the loyalty program piece, brings to mind Plenti Rewards. Like Monopoly, Plenti brings locations (in this case U.S. brands) together to create a coalition program. The advantage to the consumer, in both cases, is clear: Customers can earn points at one location and redeem them somewhere entirely different.

In addition to the VIP Guest Program, members of the coalition are entitled to a la carte support services, enabling them to use as many—or as few—as they may need to provide the best possible customer experience while maintaining independent branding.

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