Bristol, UK / Leusden, NL – 09 November 2009 –smartFOCUS, a global provider of multi-channel marketing software, has been chosen by Loyalty Management Netherlands (LMN) to deliver a fully integrated marketing solution to help shorten the time between campaign development and response management. LMN has been able to revolutionise the way marketing campaigns are planned and executed. In just a short time, the newly implemented smartFOCUS marketing suite has cut campaign time to market from 17 days to a week, with LMN on target to reduce this time even further, to a couple of days.

Launched in 1994, LMN operates one of the most a successful Air Mile schemes, with over three million households signed up in the Netherlands, offering households significant discounts on flights, holidays and other promotional gifts. The households have an account holder, often a husband or wife, who earns the points every time they travel, making it the most popular scheme in the Netherlands.

smartFOCUS provided LMN with a complete product suite, fronted by the flagship smartANALYZER product, to drive decision making and ensure information is transparent to marketers. smartMARKETER eChannel will deliver effective email marketing across all e-newsletter campaigns. These modules together will allow LMN to segment the customer database and deliver targeted and personalised campaigns from beginning to end.

LMN has teamed up with smartFOCUS to initiate the ‘Analysis and Campaigning Project’ - a series of steps created for LMN to complete and understand its customer base better. These objectives are:

  • Shorten the time between campaign development and their response management, especially for digital campaigns.
  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improve segmentation by analytics
  • Increase efficiency, allowing better quality work to be produced in a shorter period of time
  • Achieve greater insight into LMN’s customers – to understand their behaviour and response to campaigning activity

These steps mean that LMN can offer a first class service to its air miles customers, with targeted campaigns for each household. Campaigns are fast to construct, and can be analysed at any stage, allowing LMN to constantly refine and improve its marketing strategy. The Air Miles business partners are also kept more informed, due to improved access to detailed dashboard reports.

Joost Bosma , Loyalty Manager for LMN, said: ”Before smartFOCUS, we used a range of different tools that couldn’t work side by side, making the whole marketing system slow and costly. The cohesiveness and the experience smartFOCUS was able to bring to our marketing has been invaluable, and the results so far prove we have made the right choice.”

Chris Underhill, CEO, smartFOCUS said: ”smartFOCUS is proving itself as top choice for any business that wants flexible and powerful marketing, in or outside the UK. It’s fantastic to see companies such as LMN relying on us, not just for the software but also for the great team we have working across all of our offices. LMN will be using smartFOCUS as the core marketing platform for the business, and we look forward to playing a key role in its continued success.“

Erik van de Water, Business development manager Netherlands, smartFOCUS added: ”We are proud to have added LMN to our list of prime smartFOCUS users in the Netherlands. proving that we offer a very competitive solution to the Dutch home-market.”

About Loyalty Management Netherlands

LMN b.v. is successfully running the Dutch Air Miles programme for 15 years. Air Miles is the biggest and most popular loyalty scheme in the Netherlands. Nearly half of Dutch households join Air Miles. Partners of Air Miles are Albert Heijn, Shell, V&D, Praxis, Etos Gall & Gall, Dixons, Pharos Reizen van ANWB, Lotto, iBlue Landal GreenParks, Eden City Hotels, Cruisetravel. Recently Air Miles launched Online Sparen, a new way of online saving

About smartFOCUS:

smartFOCUS (LSE: STF) is a leading international provider of multi-channel marketing software and services. smartFOCUS Intelligent Marketing solutions integrate data to deliver the most powerful analysis and customer insight, enabling communication across the entire marketing operation.

More than 700 companies worldwide rely on smartFOCUS to inspire customers, improve results and transform marketing performance. Clients and partners include AAA, ABN AMRO, ASOS, Cendris, Centreparcs, EasyJet, Epson Europe, Equifax, Eurocamp, Harrods, Hilton International, Landal GreenPark, Manchester United FC, Menzis Zorg en Inkomen, OHRA, QVC, Rabobank, RCI-GVN, RDMS, Société Générale and Sony Europe.

smartFOCUS in News Media:

smartFOCUS ASTECH, a specialist division of smartFOCUS located in Denver, USA, provides marketing expertise and Intelligent Marketing solutions that serve more than 200 news media companies internationally. Customers include USA Today, the New York Times Regional Media Group and the Washington Post.

smartFOCUS in Email and Digital Marketing:

smartFOCUS Digital, a specialist division of smartFOCUS, located in London, UK, provides smartMARKETER eChannel a fully on-demand digital marketing solution that serves each of its customers with email, mobile, social network, landing page, micro-sites and RSS channel communications.

smartFOCUS is headquartered in Bristol, UK, with operations in the USA, Europe(France, Spain and the Netherlands) and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit

For further information please contact:

Ellie Turner
Prompt Communications on behalf of smartFOCUS
Tel: +44 (0)20 8996 1647 / 07793403692
[email protected]

Suzanne Butler, Senior Marketing Manager, smartFOCUS
Tel: +44 (0)117 943 5800
[email protected]

Erik van de Water, Business Development Manager
Marketing Village
Dodeweg 6
The Netherlands
+31 33-4537070
[email protected]

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