--Making Stock Ownership Easy and Affordable for All Consumers --Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. Is the First Client to Enable Consumers to Buy Stock Directly Via Brand Facebook Pages and Pay No Fees, Ever.

LOYAL3 today launched the world's first Customer Stock Ownership Plan(TM) (CSOP(TM)), a web and social media platform that enables consumers to buy stock in their favorite brands on Facebook and the web in just 3 clicks, investing as little as $10 and paying no fees, ever. The first mover on this initiative is Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. (NYSE: FNP) with the CSOP available on the Facebook pages of the brands owned by Fifth & Pacific Companies' including kate spade new york, Lucky Brand, Juicy Couture and Jack Spade as well as on the company's website: www.fifthandpacific.com .

Barry Schneider, CEO, LOYAL3, said, "Fifth & Pacific is an amazing company and we're thrilled to have them as our partner. We couldn't ask for a more exciting set of brands to show consumers what it means to own the brands they love. People care more about the things they own than things they don't, so when consumers become owners, great things happen."

"CSOPs provide access for the 82% of Americans who are not directly invested in companies. Our platform seeks to democratize the markets, making stock ownership possible for tens of millions of everyday people. CSOPs empower the 99%, which is why we're committed to a core principle of no fees, ever," continued Mr. Schneider.

William L. McComb, CEO, Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc., said, "The CSOP is an innovation that deepens engagement between our world-class brands and their consumers. We think this platform will help create a greater sense of community. This is simply a huge idea - what could possibly generate more loyalty than ownership?"

Chris Kelly, Director of LOYAL3, says further, "A CSOP is the next natural evolution of the social world. We call it the Ultimate LIKE Button and look forward to giving consumers an opportunity to express their loyalty to brands with a positive economic payoff."

The CSOP utilizes patents-pending micro-payment technology, processing large amounts of small transactions cost-effectively, within a highly scalable architecture. CSOPs eliminate significant transactional costs and companies pay the remaining costs, making stock ownership easy and affordable for large numbers of first-time investors.

For a demonstration of how the Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. CSOP works, view video: Fifth & Pacific CSOP Demo powered by LOYAL3.

Consumers will now be able to purchase shares of Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. via direct links located on the Fifth & Pacific Companies, kate spade new york, Lucky Brand, Juicy Couture and Jack Spade Facebook pages as well as http://fifthandpacific.com .

About LOYAL3
LOYAL3 offers public companies a web and social media platform called a Customer Stock Ownership Plan(TM) (CSOP(TM)) that enables public companies and IPO issuers the opportunity to sell stock directly to customers from their Facebook page or website in just 3 clicks, in increments as low as $10 and pay no fees, ever. The LOYAL3 group of companies includes LOYAL3 Holdings, Inc., the parent company; LOYAL3 Labs, Inc.; and a registered broker dealer, LOYAL3 Securities, Inc. For more information on the loyalty effect of stock ownership, visit www.loyal3.com or see Ownership Changes Everything.

About Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc.
Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. (formerly Liz Claiborne Inc.) designs and markets a portfolio of retail-based, premium, global lifestyle brands including Juicy Couture, kate spade, and Lucky Brand. In addition, the Adelington Design Group, a private brand jewelry design and development group, markets brands through department stores as well as serves jcpenney via exclusive supplier agreements for the Liz Claiborne and Monet jewelry lines and Kohl's via an exclusive supplier agreement for Dana Buchman jewelry. The Company also has licenses for the Liz Claiborne New York brand, available at QVC and Lizwear, which is distributed through the club store channel. Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. maintains an 18.75% stake in Mexx, a European and Canadian apparel and accessories retail-based brand. Visit www.fifthandpacific.com for more information.

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