Dunkin Donuts LoyaltyDunkin’ Donuts has an intensely loyal customer base, something that is not lost on company officials. The DD Perks Rewards loyalty program, which launched in January, has been highly successful and recently surpassed two million members.

What’s more, brand loyalty has spread to the Dunkin’ Mobile® App, which just celebrated 10 million downloads.

So what is at the root of this massive customer engagement and customer loyalty at Dunkin’ Donuts?

Scott Hudler, Vice President, Global Consumer Engagement for Dunkin’ Brands, shared his thoughts on the topic with Loyalty360 in an intriguing interview.

Are you finding that your loyal customers are becoming more loyal due to the program and/or are you acquiring new customers?

We have seen that guests have become more loyal in the sense that they are using the targeted offers, mGifting friends and family and using the Mobile App as payment in Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants. These key features have really resonated with customers because it allows on-the-go guests to continue to enjoy fast and fresh food at Dunkin’ Donuts while continuing to get through their days.

What does this say about DD’s loyal customer base?

The DD Perks program has been successful because our loyal guests are the very essence of the Dunkin’ Donuts brand. For many of our guests, their daily Dunkin’ Donuts runs have become a part of their routines; whether on the way to school, work, or their weekend. From looking at the number of guests who have downloaded the mobile app as well as the number of members the DD Perks Rewards program has, you can see that both programs really resonate with customers simply because both provide guests with new levels of speed and convenience so that people can run on Dunkin’ more quickly than ever before−especially during the busy holiday season.

Why do you think the DD Perks loyalty program has been so successful?

We are thrilled to achieve two million DD Perks members in less than a year since the program’s launch, and reach 10 million downloads of the Dunkin’ Mobile App. These two digital milestones are evidence that our loyal customers are responding to our efforts to provide a superior mobile experience and our commitment to create one of the most robust loyalty programs in the market.

Both DD Perks and the Dunkin’ App are easy to use and fit seamlessly into guests’ Dunkin’ Donuts experience and daily routine, which we think is a key factor in the program’s success. Both programs have created an entirely new level of speed and convenience that further distinguished our brand to current and new customers throughout the country.

What have you learned from the program so far related to customer insights that you’ve been able to leverage to tweak/improve the program?

Consumers have responded very well to the localized offers that are available through the DD Mobile app and when we launched the DD Perks program, we started to target our guests with valuable offers right away to drive incremental spend and visits. This targeting will become more refined as we continue to learn more about how each guest is behaving as members within DD Perks.

We have developed loyalty programs in the past, but DD Perks represents an improvement in that it directly targets our guests’ preferences in order to provide them with the most relevant deals and offers. New features to enhance reliability and security, as well as integration into our existing systems, make this the best possible version of a loyalty program for our guests, and we’re proud to be able to offer it.

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