Lowe’s Announces Launch of Lowe’s for Pros JobSIGHT

Lowe’s has announced the launch of Lowe’s for Pros JobSIGHT. This is an augmented video chat service that enables Pros to do virtual home visits with customers, which will help the customer troubleshoot, detect serial numbers and product numbers, and review a one-page summary to quickly address follow-up needs.
This new service is available to Lowe’s for Pros Loyalty Program members starting June 1 to October 31. They can sign up for this service here. Pros can also save five percent off every day on eligible purchases plus zero interest for 60 days when using the Lowe’s Business Account or extended terms when using their Lowe’s Accounts Receivable.  
 "We rely on Pros now more than ever to keep our homes and businesses safely up and running, which is why we are working hard to build new ways to keep Pros working and to be the new home for Pros both now and into the future," said Fred Stokes, senior vice president of Pro Sales and Services for Lowe's, in a Lowe’s press release. "Today's announcement with Streem is just the first of many ways we will provide Pros new and innovative options to connect with their customers while social distancing. We will continue to invest in expanded Pro product offerings and prioritize services and partnerships to help run and grow their businesses."
Lowe’s for Pros JobSIGHT also lets Pros identify parts of parts to order and troubleshoot issues all from their phone. Pros can use the on-screen laser pointer and Augmented Reality quick-draw tools to help guide customers through a virtual consultation and even help the customer complete a repair themselves.
"The partnership between Lowe's and Streem addresses the immediate needs of Pros and consumers at a time when safely providing essential home services has become more important than ever," said Rex Tibbens, chief executive officer of Frontdoor, the parent company of Streem, in the same Lowe’s press release. "By leveraging Streem's proprietary technology, Pros can conduct thorough, contactless consultations efficiently, accurately, and conveniently."
After the session, Pros are also able to review a sharable one-page summary, which includes full audio and video, high-resolution photos, and notes to help address any follow-up needs. This experience is also available to both Pros and customers not only on a mobile app but also through a mobile web browser, with no app download required.

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