Becoming more digital, more social, and more loyal are strategic goals for many marketers today. Achieving simultaneous success in these areas most likely leads to keen customer engagement, a more memorable customer experience, and increased brand loyalty.
Just ask Jeff Pearson, SVP Ecommerce, LIDS Sports Group.
Pearson told Loyalty360 that the LIDS Sports Group’s launch of The Press Box checks all those previously mentioned boxes.
“One of our key company initiatives is to become more digital, more social, and more loyal,” Pearson explained. “The Press Box and the Salesforce Social Studio product allows us the physical space and the tools necessary to implement immediate change. It also signals dedication to the organization of our direction toward making sure this key initiative moves forward quickly and with purpose.”
The social component of The Press Box is critical.
“As we all know, the consumer today is very connected digitally,” Pearson added. “Social media is one of those many connections and is a connection point that is very personal in nature. With The Press Box and our dedication to improving the ways we reach our consumers socially, we can make sure we are interacting quickly to customer needs, that we are posting and communicating relevant content, and that we are aware of key trends within social media.”
Pearson said a soft launch for The Press Box occurred on Oct. 4 when the company’s field sales team gathered for the Holiday 2016 Conference.
“The reception was one of excitement and anticipation of things to come,” Pearson said. “The official launch of the space will be on Tuesday, Oct. 25 with an official ribbon cutting and an all associate participation session.”
For some background, LIDS Sports Group, which operates within Hat World, Inc., comprises the LIDS retail headwear stores, the LIDS Locker Room specialty fan retail chain, the LIDS Clubhouse retail stores, and the Internet businesses:,,, and
LIDS retail stores offer officially licensed and branded headwear of collegiate teams, major professional sports teams, as well as other specialty fashion categories in the latest styles and colors. LIDS Locker Room is a mall-based retailer of sports headwear, apparel, accessories, and novelties that also operates under the Sports Fan-Attic and Sports Avenue retail concepts.
Pearson said that The Press Box is a better way to reach and manage its customer base.
“What we do digitally, socially, and with loyalty will be at the forefront of how we utilize this space,” he said. “We have key goals and KPIs that are clearly posted in the space to help keep us on track and make a positive impact with our current customers and future customers.”
Pearson believes that The Press Box will play a very important role in the company.
“I believe the work we do within the space will enable us to help drive our loyalty program forward and interact with our customers as immediate as possible,” he said. “We know customers and, especially those most loyal, want to have instant communication and feedback. We also believe these same customers will help build our brand through social media.”

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