Landmark Cinemas Announces Landmark Extras Movie Rewards Program

Landmark Cinemas announces Landmark EXTRAS, the movie rewards program for Movie Lovers. Movie Lovers may join Landmark EXTRAS beginning this September.

Landmark EXTRAS offers three rewarding membership options including Movie Fan, Movie Insider and a movie-going subscription option, Movie Club. Each EXTRAS membership offers moviegoers the opportunity to earn and redeem points for their movie admission and concession purchases, and access to extra movie-going perks to enjoy a more rewarding movie-going experience.

Landmark EXTRAS movie rewards program offers Movie Lovers 3 rewarding membership options including subscription program.

"Landmark EXTRAS rewards Movie Lovers with more of what they love – free movies, concession items and more," said Bill Walker, CEO, Landmark Cinemas, "and provides moviegoers with unprecedented choice, including our Movie Club subscription membership, that enables Movie Lovers to enjoy the theatrical movie-going experience more often with the extra benefit of earning and redeeming points for their moviegoing purchases."

Landmark EXTRAS Movie Fan, Movie Insider, and Movie Club members redeem points for free movie tickets and concessions. The rewards and benefits of Landmark EXTRAS membership include: 

Movie Club – Subscription

  • Movie Club membership price is $9.99 per month + applicable taxes.

  • Movie Club members receive one FREE admission credit per month with monthly membership purchase and renewal.

  • Movie Club members have access to additional Companion Admissions per month at discounted rates.

  • Movie Club members earn points on all their admissions and concessions purchases.

  • Movie Club members receive a 20% discount on their concession purchases.

Movie Insider

  • Movie Insider membership is $20 per year + applicable taxes.

  • Movie Insider members receive one FREE admission credit per year with annual purchase and renewal.

  • Move Insider members earn 50% more points on admission and concession purchases than our Movie Fan program.

Movie Fan

  • Free to join.

  • Members earn 5 PTS for each $1 spent on eligible movie purchases and may redeem their points for movie admission, concession, and movie merchandise purchases.

To learn more about Landmark EXTRAS, and to register to receive program sign-up details, Movie Lovers may visit

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