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Lancôme Elite Rewards Loyalty Program Flying High with Customers

It’s only been about four months since Lancôme launched L’Oreal’s first-ever loyalty program, Lancôme Elite Rewards−which is one of the first loyalty programs unveiled by a major cosmetics brand.

But the early return results have been staggering: Lancôme has seen a 60% monthly action rate from its new loyalty program.

This is not a traditional loyalty program. Users earn points that they can redeem for Lancôme products and beauty experiences not just by buying Lancôme products, but also by posting about them to their social-media networks and following Lancôme USA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For instance, users will receive 10 points for every $1 they spend on Lancôme products at one of 2,300 participating retail locations, and they also receive up to 50 points for connecting with the brand’s social channels and 25 points each time a favorite find is shared on one of those channels.

Alessio Rossi, VP, Interactive and E-Business Marketing, Lancôme offered some more insight into the recently launched program, which is powered by CrowdTwist, during a Q&A with Loyalty360.

Can you talk about the response to the Elite Rewards loyalty program that launched in April, and are you surprised at all by the phenomenal reaction?

We have immediately noticed a much greater engagement with the brand and a significant lift in the value of members vs. non-members. Additionally, the program produces real-time insights on consumer behavior and preference that are becoming key to further personalize and elevate her experience with Lancôme. The program keeps evolving and adding new features. We think the best is still to come.

What do you attribute this phenomenal success to?

Primarily to the innovative form of communication and engagement. Not only is this a true omni-channel program, but across industries it is one of the very few to reward fans for their social engagement.

What makes this program unique to its members?

Both the way they engage with us and the exclusive catalog of rewards. For instance, on top of favorite products, rewards include beauty experiences, digital assets, and a selection of French luxury goods from a network of partners.

How do you think this program impacts customer engagement/customer loyalty?

We believe this program has the potential to be transformative of the overall customer journey with the brand. It will significantly lift acquisition and retention across our channels.

How does social media factor in to the success of the program?

Social media plays a major role as social engagement is a significant factor of the program. We were able to map the key social touch points along our customer life time and to strategically design interactions that further personalize and elevate the experience with us.

Can you talk about any specific customer feedback you’ve received about the program?

So far feedback is very positive. Customers call us to know more about the program, and sometimes ask us to feature new rewards or to propose new features. We are extremely happy about this feedback and take it in serious considerations for future improvements.

What are your plans for the program moving forward?

We don’t disclose next steps, but we will integrate it more and more with the rest of our activities.

Roughly, how many members are there currently?

We don’t disclose figures.

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