The LA Sparks know something about winning, having earned three WNBA championships. Now, team officials hope to elevate their customer service and redefine the fan experience through a new partnership with KORE Software.
Specifically, the Sparks will partner with KORE Software’s Ticketing and Fan Engagement platform to manage season ticket sales, fan data, and analytics.
Team officials opted to use KORE Software because of its unique capabilities to merge fan data from their old and new systems and present them in one single view.
Christine Simmons, President and Chief Operating Officer for the LA Sparks, told Loyalty360 that KORE provides a more seamless and manageable operating system that will take less time to complete daily/weekly tasks.
“We will be able to fully integrate all departments to help deepen our analysis that will offer unique and better experiences for our fans and sponsors,” Simmons explained. “For our fans, we will be able to provide consistent and timely communication. Our goal is to utilize the reports to assess the needs of our members, elevate our customer service and the planning and execution of fan experiences.”
The team’s customer ticketing experience is a top priority.
“Our goal is to make the customer buying and ticketing experience as seamless and meaningful as possible,” Simmons said. “KORE will help our account executives get a better understanding of our customers, which will make the interaction with them more personalized and valuable for both parties. KORE will provide a specific action plan that will help determine all of the factors needed to close the sale, but with customer satisfaction being the No. 1 priority. It will enable the interaction to be based on needs of our clients and give a deeper insight on the demographics of our fans. This will help our overall strategy of building long-term relationships with our fans.”
KORE Software's Ticketing and Fan Engagement application will greatly enhance the LA Sparks’ CRM platform and enable them to conduct a deeper analysis of their fans than ever before. Consider that reports that previously took up to eight hours to produce will be able to be conducted in a matter of minutes.
Founded in 1996, the LA Sparks of the Western Conference of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) have won three WNBA Championships (2001, 2002, 2016). The Sparks have made the playoffs in 17 of their 21 completed seasons.
The new Sparks loyalty program is designed to give its existing 24/7 members the utmost experience for their continued loyalty to the team. The Sparks Loyalty Program is in addition to the already amazing benefits members receive the day they sign up for membership.
“We have the most loyal fan base and we encourage them to let us know what they like or don’t like,” Simmons added. “Fans want to feel appreciated, valued, and to be an extension of our Sparks family. We will utilize all facets of KORE to help strengthen our relationships with the fans in-arena and in the community and provide exclusive, behind-the-scenes insights that only members can experience.”

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