Kroger and Home Chef have announced the launch of weekly rotating in-store meal kits at select Kroger locations. In addition, the grocery company will roll out a limited market test of the new Home Chef Express product, a quick-cook meal kit ready to eat in about 15 minutes. The meal kits will be available at select locations in Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Kroger anticipates rolling out Home Chef meal kits to additional markets in 2019.
“We are excited to introduce Home Chef’s new retail meal kits to our store customers,” says Robert Clark, Kroger’s Senior Vice President of Merchandising. “Offering a rotating menu of recipes is one more way we are providing our customers with innovative culinary experiences and choices. The Home Chef meal kits will redefine the way customers shop for, prep, and cook their meals.”
Pat Vihtelic, CEO and founder of Home Chef, adds, “We’ve built a strong business helping people plan their meals in advance. We also know there are customers who want the convenience of a Home Chef meal, without having to plan ahead. We’re excited to take this first step in revolutionizing mealtime by bringing Home Chef’s signature variety and great-tasting meals directly to Kroger customers. We are also looking forward to introducing our new line of Home Chef Express meal kits that address a major customer need—faster meals.”
The kits will include pre-portioned ingredients and recipes that are easy to prepare. In Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin, several different menu items will be available, including Brasserie-Style Sirloin Steak, Breaded Italian Chicken, Blue Cheese and Smoked Almond Pork Chops, Adobo Chicken Enchiladas, and others. In Kentucky and Michigan, Acapulco Steak Tacos, Mongolian Meatballs, Chicken Alfredo, Beef Chili, Pork Spring Roll Bowls, and other items will be offered. Each item is designed to serve two people.
Customers can still have Home Chef meals delivered directly to their homes by ordering on On the Home Chef website, customers can choose from 18 weekly menu items, including lunch and dinner items, smoothies, and more.
News of the meal kit market test comes on the heels of a merger between the two companies. The goal of the merger, which was completed in June, was to increase the availability of Home Chef meal kits and to put both companies in a position to grow.
Vihtelic said of the merger, “We couldn’t be more excited to join the Kroger family and for what this will mean for millions of customers.”
Rodney McMullen, Kroger CEO, added, “The merging of our two innovative, data-driven, and customer-focused cultures will allow us to accelerate our reach across America, serving food inspiration and uplift.”

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