Kroger and Liberty Mutual PartnershipFor many of the most successful brands, winning customer loyalty means providing an incredible customer experience, both inside and outside the store. Often this can include combinations of online offers or extra benefits through various digital channels. But for Kroger, this also means completely transcending the confines of its own industry, which it will now do by rewarding customers for protecting what they value most.

Kroger, the country’s largest supermarket chain and second-largest general retailer, has just announced a partnership with Liberty Mutual to reward loyalty program members with fuel points for purchasing insurance.

“A great deal of thought and research went in to developing the program with Liberty Mutual Insurance,” Jennifer Jarrell, Kroger Media & Government Relations Manager, told Loyalty360. “When we began the pilot, the overall sentiment from our customers was positive, many praising the program as a win-win, providing savings on products and services they purchase anyway. Kroger is always looking for ways to save our customers money.”

The new offering will not only provide an avenue for extra fuel points, it will also give Ohio residents discounts on a wide array of home and auto insurance. Alongside the fuel rewards, new Liberty Mutual customers will get up to 5% off home and renters insurance and 10% off auto insurance.

This new partnership follows the brand’s enduring mission to enhance the customer experience.Kroger customer loyalty

“With every program, Kroger aims to increase customer loyalty and engage new customers,” Patty Leesemann, Kroger Public Affairs Manager, told Loyalty360. “It gives customers one more reason to shop at Kroger.”

Customers seeking to find more information can simply do so by visiting Kroger stores across Ohio. 

After becoming Liberty Mutual customers, Kroger Plus members will earn 10X fuel points during the first month of their new insurance policies. All subsequent months will earn members 3X fuel points for as long as the insurance policy is active.

“We are excited to partner with Kroger and create a unique program that is able to reward customer loyalty with fuel savings while providing quality insurance products and services,” said Chris Capone, Senior VP of Liberty Mutual Insurance. “We are proud to partner with Kroger, an organization that has a history of exceptional customer service and community support.”

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