Kobie: Meet the Speaker at Loyalty Expo

Adeline Heymann is the Associate Vice President of Strategic Consulting at Kobie and will be presenting a workshop at the upcoming Loyalty Expo in Charlotte.

Heymann’s talk is “Building Enterprise Loyalty through Building an Emotional Connection,” and will be Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 12:00 noon.


In her presentation, Heymann will show that building enterprise loyalty starts with understanding the emotional motivations of your customers and their key drivers of loyalty. In this session, attendees will uncover how Emotional Loyalty Scoring® unlocks an end-to-end customer understanding plus key considerations for building loyalty momentum at the enterprise level.

Heymann leads the Strategy and Insights team at Kobie to create strategic engagement for the world’s largest brands. In her commitment to her role, she sets north star strategy, designs loyalty program recommendations, and creates acquisition and retention strategies that drive ROI for our clients. Her specialties include integrated marketing, relationship marketing and loyalty program designing.

Heymann has over 15 years of experience working with digital strategy, insights and innovation. Some of her achievements include leading digital strategy as agency of record for three global consumer product launches, six national brand campaigns, and recently with Kobie 5 loyalty program designs and loyalty center of excellence design.

To learn more about the Loyalty360 Awards and the Loyalty360 Expo, please visit HERE.

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