Knowing Customers Well Creates Brand Loyalty at Diamond Resorts International

For Diamond Resorts International CEO Mike Flaskey, the focus of his business is creating unforgettable vacation experiences for members, owners, and guests. 

Creating memorable customer experiences time and time again doesn’t come without hard work and dedication.

“To create unforgettable vacation experiences for our members, owners, and guests, we have to get to know them very well,” Flaskey explained to Loyalty360. “For this reason, data collection and analytics are a core part of how we manage the business and data analytics are used for decision-making across the company, including for driving customer satisfaction. We track customer feedback and preferences through surveys, and the statistics collected are then used to develop customer-centric programs that increase member satisfaction and loyalty. Because we collect feedback from our members, owners, and guests, we can continually improve as well as create experiences that align with their interests.”

At Diamond Resorts, some examples of its unforgettable vacation experiences are the one-of-a-kind member program called Events of a Lifetime®, which offers access to VIP concerts, culinary events featuring world-renowned chefs, exciting sporting events and the opportunity to meet celebrity ambassadors in exclusive venues. Diamond Resorts also offers a variety of experiences that include Member Escorted Journeys to worldwide destinations, Diamond Dream Holidays, the Diamond Luxury Selection®, and the Diamond Resorts Invitational™.
“These special experiences and products not only differentiate Diamond Resorts from other vacation ownership providers, but they also increase member satisfaction and drive loyalty,” Flaskey said.
About 75 percent of Diamond Resorts sales are to existing members.
“At Diamond Resorts, we have a relentless commitment to customer service and making every moment of a vacation joyful and memorable, which drives member loyalty,” Flaskey said. “This is a principle and commitment that is crucial in the hospitality industry, but it applies to other industries as well. We have built a formidable brand by developing a culture of service excellence. A good representation of our commitment and passion is something our guests discover from their first experience with Diamond: We Love to Say Yes™. This is a company value that means that, even if we’re not always able to grant every request, we’ll always go the extra mile to make our member’s vacation special.”
What’s more, Flaskey said Diamond Resorts International leverages mobile to enhance the customer experience and drive customer loyalty.
“We are very active social media users because it allows us to continue engaging with our members, owners, and guests even when they are not at one of our properties,” he explained. “We also recognize that not everyone is comfortable communicating the same way. That’s why our hospitality management agents are available through multiple channels including a toll-free number, email, or an app. We also ensure that all of our digital communications are built with responsive design in mind. It is important that our customers can easily have access to us while on the go.” 

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