Keen Footwear Launches Loyalty Program Rewarding Good Deeds

Keen, the footwear brand on a mission to make outside inclusive and accessible to all, today launched Keen Corps, a loyalty rewards program where fans will earn points for volunteering, donating to grass roots organizations, and shopping. Tapping into the global desire to change, the Keen Corps encourages members to act, and rewards their efforts through exclusive branded products, unique events and special shopping access. Individual and collective dashboards allow members to track their efforts, as well as the full effect of the program. The first event is the Keen Trail Clean-up Challenge happening with seven regional partners across the U.S. in September, 2021.

"People's attitudes have shifted in the last 18 months," said Erik Burbank, Vice President, The Keen Effect." An Ipsos survey shows 86% of adults want the world to change significantly and become more sustainable and equitable rather than returning to how it was before the COVID-19 pandemic.  People are  taking a long hard look at their lifestyles and their purpose. We want to  provide a channel for engagement  and to empower them to make a difference. The Keen Corps program is where this happens.  It's all about activism and a positive effect on our communities."

Research shows Covid has helped accelerate a trend of increased civic engagement, led by Gen Z, the most civically minded generation alive today (Points of Light: Engaging Americans in Civic Life, May 2020).  Volunteering in the U.S. is rising. 36% of adults volunteered in some form last year, and 30% of those that did not volunteer stated they are interested in doing so with the  greatest barrier being uncertainty as to how or where to get involved. The Keen Corps provides inspiration and tools to overcome hurdles to engagement.
"Keen Corps invites fans to be part of the movement," continues Burbank. "It's about taking action.  More than ever, people want to help others, create positive change, and make a difference in their communities - and the world.  We're excited to launch this program, learn, and build on what we've started."

Every Keen Corps member will receive a personal dashboard tracking their impacts. The program tracks and shares the collective impacts of all members, to reinforce how individual actions ladder up to support a greater positive effect on the world.``

Keen Corp members are invited to take part in the Trail Clean Up Challenge  this  September. For every hour spent volunteering, members will receive 25 Keen Corps points, but it also gives the group a nomination to win a Keen Effect grant. Keen will be giving away $75,000 in grant funds. The organizations with the most volunteer hours logged, get the most funds.

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