For years, Jonathan Adler has collected customer data, but not until now has the global home design retailer been ready to use it to improve customer engagement and loyalty. The company announced this week that it will use AgilOne, named one of the 2014’s CRM Rising Stars by CRM Magazine, to create more personalized and data-driven marketing.

“Our brand will always be rooted in design and creativity, but analytical marketing is critical as we grow our retail footprint,” David Frankel, president of Jonathan Adler, said in a release.

The company already has a thriving ecommerce site (in addition to more than 1,000 wholesale locations globally) but Frankel said partnering with AgilOne will allow them to “leverage data in new and innovative ways.”

Jonathan Adler first reached out to AgilOne for help in organizing its database, but quickly decided to take advantage of the company’s predictive marketing cloud to take unorganized customer data and make it actionable.

Specifically, Jonathan Adler will use AgilOne’s Revenue Finder that relies on predictive analytics to pinpoint underserved customer segments and their Turnkey Action feature that generates relevant campaigns to turn insights into new revenue streams and customer engagement.

AgilOne takes a data-science approach to marketing and makes “big customer data big and smart” before it gives marketing recommendations to its clients, saving them time and money.

AgilOne CEO Dr. Omer Artun said in a release that his company’s technology “makes it possible for any retailer, not just the industry giants, to use advanced marketing techniques based on their own customer data to realize immediate results in the form of increased revenue and brand loyalty.” 

Top consumer brands including the Body Shop, Sports Authority, Shazam, and BetaBrand have used AgilOne. The company, based in Mountain View, CA, is venture-funded by Sequoia Capital, the Mayfield Fund, and Tenaya Capital. 

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