For those of us without TSA Precheck, we’re forced to watch in jealousy as travelers walk through the security checkpoint as casually as they would on any sidewalk in America. For some members of JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program, the dream of joining those select few may soon become a reality.
This is a result of the announcement that the airline will be covering enrollment fees for its most loyal members: Those that boast Mosaic status within TrueBlue.
“Reducing time and the complexity of the security checkpoint makes a big difference for travelers, especially those who are always on their way to catch a flight,” said Scott Resnick, director, loyalty marketing, JetBlue. “This limited time offer to join TSA Precheck is just one of the many small ways we are working to enhance the Mosaic program for our customers. And by helping the TSA facilitate more fliers in the TSA Precheck lane, we can also speed up the security for all customers.”
For promotions like this, the key will be efficiency in the offer’s distribution. The airline seems to have this in mind, and will email Mosaic members a code that is redeemable for a TSA Precheck Enrollment Voucher, which can then be exchanged to cover the application cost of the Precheck process.
The promotion is an example of a program designed to enhance customer experience in a unique and unexpected way. Rather than offer traditional perks like pre-boarding or seat upgrades, JetBlue has its sights set on the complete airport experience, and has done so through a partnership with the TSA. Security is far and away the biggest point of friction within the traveling process, which makes it a prime target when improving the customer experience for loyalty program members.
In addition to access to an expedited lane within security, TSA Precheck members are able to move through airport security without the need to remove belts, shoes, laptops, or even 3-1-1 compliant liquids. For any traveler that has missed a flight thanks to security waits, this promotion from the TrueBlue platform may just be a dream come to life.

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