JetBlue Puts Customers First – In the Air and On the Ground

JetBlue, a leading carrier in New York, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles (Long Beach), Orlando, and San Juan carrying 30 million customers a year founded with a core mission to bring humanity back to air travel, earned the Silver Award in the 360-Degree North America category at the Loyalty360 CX Awards ceremony as part of Loyalty360’s Engagement & Experience Expo held thiis week in Dallas, TX.

The airline was honored for its customer-centric focus and mission to deliver unparalleled customer experience.

Since JetBlue was founded, the airline and its crew members pride themselves on bringing its core mission to life and its brand messaging/communications certainly reflect this mantra. The airline is truly dedicated to the customer experience both in the air and on the ground. Instilling an attitude of friendly, compassionate, caring service and making customers feel valued is what separates JetBlue from legacy carries and other airlines.

Personalized emails and individualized social media interactions are staples of JetBlue’s customer experience. The airline pays very close attention to Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and customer service, with every crewmember (employee), regardless of position, being taught to value the customer and uphold the strong image of the brand.

JetBlue pays a great deal of attention to customer insight, with heavy use of analytics and tracking metrics. In 2013, JetBlue and its TrueBlue loyalty program launched Badges, a social-engagement extension of its loyalty program designed to connect its members to the airline and promote its brand in social channels. With Badges in place, JetBlue is able to accurately measure conversions that stem from social sharing. Each time a Badges member shares their progress, they are not only working toward points and badges, but also promoting the overall program and encouraging others to join.

When other members click through the links or interact with a Badges social post in any way, JetBlue is able to track detailed behavior analytics. This allows the customer-centric airline to further to develop rich user profiles – both for existing members of the program and those that have yet to join – and determine exactly where and when digital conversions are taking place.

As a result, they are able to essentially put a dollar value on each person interacting with the Badges program through digital channels. Additionally, the customer service team is dedicated to gaining facts and insight from customers by way of social media interaction and email campaigns.

JetBlue’s brand messaging and communications reflect its core mission of “bringing humanity back to air travel.” Before JetBlue, no airline was really directly communicating (“real,” contextualized communication) with customers via social media. Instead of following suit and simply providing generic responses to customers directing them to the appropriate customer service number to call, JetBlue is equipped with an educated, well-trained, intuitive social media team.

JetBlue’s Twitter account has been known to tell jokes to customers that have long waits at the airport, coordinate personalized experiences at the airport for customers, and deliver one-of-a-kind badges to loyal fans. JetBlue offers Even More Space & Even More Speed to give passengers extra room and expedited security.

The airline also offers checked-bags, leather seats, cable TV and unlimited snacks – all free of charge. JetBlue is also the first U.S. airline to offer onboard Internet services that are high-speed and much similar to what is used on the ground, as opposed to the slow, often-unreliable connections used by other airlines; this “Fly-Fi” service offers free web browsing. Transforming airline food, JetBlue is currently expanding fresh food to all transcontinental flights.        

JetBlue has won the J.D. Power & Associates’ top honors an unprecedented 10 years in a row (2005-2014), ranking highest in customer satisfaction among all low-cost airline carriers. Its loyalty program was recognized in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Airline Rewards Program” for 2014-2015.     

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