JBC Customer ExperienceWhen consumers interact with a brand, they expect the process to be consistent and seamless regardless of the channel they use to engage. Whether customer engagement happens online or in a physical store, it is the brand’s responsibility to provide the convenience and value consumers seek. And since there is now such a wide array of digital, social and mobile channels open to customers, many brands a struggling to connect all the dots and offer a truly omni-channel customer experience.

Clothing Retailer JBC is one brand that has just made a huge step in this direction. By integrating a technology from Checkpoint Systems, JBC will enhance its customer experience both online and in store through a new radio-frequency identification (RFID) platform. From the point of production all the way through its distribution center, the technology will help JBC, Belgium’s largest clothing retailer, provide accurate account merchandise visibility across its entire supply chain.

“We partnered with Checkpoint to prove the concept and measure the impact RFID technology would have through our supply chain,” said Fred Tielens, JBC Logistics Manager. “We can now accurately track and have visibility into the quantity and location of over 17 million stock items, which enables us to confidently expand our omni-channel initiatives in the future.”

With 144 stores across Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, JBC will leverage Checkpoint’s technology to manage and optimize its merchandise inventory. This means JBC will be able to minimize out-of-stock products, better identify items that are being returned and help consumers see a real-time picture of available products.

To ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels, this new platform will help JBC better process all online activities directly alongside its regular brick and mortar activities.

Furthermore, JBC will now also be able to significantly enhance its ability to personalize its customer experience. This is particularly important in the fashion industry, which seeks to balance the personal tastes of customers with the latest style trends.JBC Customer Experience

“In addition to the inventory visibility benefits, RFID might allow us in the future to measure the impact of promotions and make customized suggestions to our shoppers,” Tielens continued. “We will be able to guide our shoppers through the purchase process from start to finish, whether they are shopping online or in one of our stores.”

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