For Jamba Juice officials, eclipsing one million members in their Jamba Insider Rewards loyalty program is a major milestone.

Loyalty360 caught up with Julie Washington, Chief Brand and Innovation Officer for Jamba Juice, to talk about the notable achievement.

What does eclipsing one million members in your loyalty program mean to Jamba Juice?

Washington: Hitting the one million milestone in any initiative is always something to celebrate. In the case of our loyalty program, it means we are able to reward and communicate with customers who are devoted to our stores, while also showing our commitment to them via great-tasting and nutritious product offerings. This partnership between brand and consumer also fosters the bond between our customers and their local stores or with our franchisees.

How has the program progressed since it launched?

Washington: The Jamba Insider Rewards program has been a great success. We reached one million users pretty quickly, and we’ve made improvements in both the promotions and the technology used to engage customers. Instead of carrying around a card or remembering a password, users only have to type their phone numbers into a terminal at the register to receive a point for every dollar spent. It is convenient, easy, and rewarding. Additionally, with the recent nationwide launch of our Jamba Juice app, we’ve made Jamba Insider Rewards a significant part of the platform. Currently, our customers can automatically sign up for Jamba Insider Rewards when they create an account on the app and they can also earn and track their loyalty rewards/points via the app, really offering a fully integrated loyalty experience. 

How have customer insights informed the program progression and impacted engagement levels?

Washington: From insights gathered through the rewards program and coupled with other consumer data, we have been able to determine many things, such as which offers our customers respond to best, as well as how our current and new products or campaigns are being received. The loyalty program is an important element of our consumer insight tools.

What does customer loyalty mean to Jamba Juice and how does your loyalty program complement that definition?

Washington: At Jamba, it is all about the customer, and we see many of them return to our stores on a regular basis for their favorite smoothie, juice, or energy bowl. Our loyalty program allows us to not only reward them for their loyalty, but to communicate outside the store. It provides one more opportunity to engage with them, to let them know about special promotions, new products, or campaigns, and that we ultimately really appreciate and value them choosing Jamba.

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