Corbitt Chandler, vice president of marketing at Iron Tribe Fitness, admits that the company’s customer experience and customer loyalty initiatives are rudimentary at best.

“That doesn’t mean this isn’t an initiative that isn’t important to us or that we’re not heavily focused on,” Chandler told Loyalty360. “Our clients are our lifeblood. It’s just still something of a manual project so it’s not very sophisticated at this point. We’re working toward integrating loyalty points into our proprietary fitness app (where athletes schedule workouts, track progress, etc.). It’ll be something that rewards clients for referrals, meeting certain health goals, purchasing product, and more.”

When it comes to customer loyalty, Chandler said the company measures it by retention.

“We have a goal to average three percent (or less) monthly attrition,” he explained. “That’s our gold standard. We know if we’re hitting that benchmark, the stars are aligning and we’re doing what we need to do as a business. When that number starts to go up, especially over five percent, we start to look at every aspect of the product and what we can do to fix whatever’s happening at the client level.”

Referrals are another customer loyalty metric.

“We know if our clients are referring their friends and family members to us that we’re in a good place,” Chandler said. “When referrals start to dip down, then we need to look at why that is. Having a top-notch product and coaches plays a big part of this in creating the perfect athlete experience. That happening really creates the cycle of referrals we need and ultimately are more lives that can be changed at Iron Tribe.”

Customer loyalty is a top priority at Iron Tribe Fitness.

“Whether it’s from a grassroots level that includes things we’re having to track manually, or doing things like integrating loyalty points and programs into our app,” Chandler explained. “It’s a constant focus and part of the lifecycle we’ll always be refining. There’s never really a point where it’s perfect. Even when we think we’re close, we’ll always go back to the lifecycle and look at where the kinks are and continue to refine it. It’s a process that makes us better and a better experience for our clients so it’s a win-win all around.”

Iron Tribe’s brand promise is to create fitness communities that change lives, Chandler said.

“So if we’re laser-focused on that, customer loyalty rolls up into it,” he added. “Where we win is closing our backdoor (retention). That’s where other fitness brands fail. They can get people in the door, but keeping them loyal is the hat trick. We have to show that we’re unique by creating an awesome community someone wants to be a part of and stays a part of for years. Through that community, they’ll find encouragement, accountability and a healthier lifestyle. I think it’s easy to have a desire to emulate those awesome brands, but a challenge in actual application. It’s a trap we’ve fallen into with competitors, but what we’ve found is we have to focus on being excellent at what we do and why we’re unique to the market.”

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