Iris Concise Partners with Daimler Trucks to Offer Personalization

Iris Concise, the strategy and consulting arm of global creative network Iris, has added another client to its loyalty practice by signing Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA). DTNA selected Iris Concise to implement an aftermarket customer appreciation and loyalty program that fulfills all customer touchpoints. As usual, we at Loyalty360 at extremely happy to see suppliers and brands partner to develop customer-focused strategies. 
The program will initially target small to mid-sized business customers using DTNA’s e-commerce platform but will be expanded next year to serve front-counter customers as well. The B2B solution will utilize the Iris Concise Loyalty Marketing Platform to create personalized offers, track customer behavior, and view KPIs in real-time. Dealers will also have access to the platform, enabling them to see data and KPIs that help them understand opportunities and consolidate customer spend at their dealerships.
The loyalty re-launch for DTNA will use data-driven personalization to create more profitable customer behavior, emphasizing member rewards and appreciation. The program will also facilitate coordination between DTNA and its dealer network. From program design and deployment to ongoing management and optimization, Iris Concise will use its full-service capabilities to enhance DTNA customer relationships across sales channels.
Jeff Caplan, VP of Marketing Services at Iris Concise says, “Daimler Trucks North America’s commitment to building profitable relationships that deliver real customer value makes them a great match for our loyalty team resources services. We understood their vision and we have the expertise to make it a reality.”
It appears that DTNA has the right goals in mind. Personalization, data-driven rewards, and connections always benefit brands. It’s also good to see that the company has chosen the proper tech supplier. Iris Concise has ample expertise. Loyalty360 will pay attention to these two companies as the year progresses.

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