LAKELAND, Fla.—Intelimedix,      a leader in business intelligence and healthcare analytics, today     announced the release of Tru:Inform,      the company’s latest solution designed to significantly improve the     member, provider and employer communication needs of health plans.

Tru:Inform allows health plan executives to send members, providers and     employers custom-fit publications that are unique, specific and most     importantly interactive. Each of these constituencies receives an     interactive PDF (iPDF) publication that is customized to them and     provides helpful information about benefits, healthcare programs,      products and claims.

For health plan executives, Tru:Inform’s ability to gather and derive     actionable insights from multiple data sources and data formats means     that plans can create customized, mass communications quickly and cost     effectively from a single platform. The interactive nature of Tru:Inform     offers plan executives a new way to immediately measure engagement and     behavior changes by monitoring readers’ click-through actions to various     links, websites and videos.

“With Tru:Inform, health plans can create member statements in a very     polished and effective manner,” said Intelimedix CEO Joel Portice. “The     solution helps plan executives provide members and employers with     critical information in user-friendly formats, and it ensures that     recipients have a consistent brand experience regardless of the     communication format—print, electronic, or via the web. Tru:Inform     gives plans another customer-centric tool to educate members and     employers about specific disease management and lifestyle programs that     lead to better health for members, reduced healthcare costs and     increased brand loyalty.”

Tru:Inform is a file-agnostic, data aggregation tool that recognizes and     collects data regardless of file format. Information on benefits, claim     payments, product choices, and financial savings accounts are easily     aggregated. The plans’ business rules are then applied to the generation     of customer-friendly interactive publications that are unique to each     reader. Publications can be sent to high-volume printers, individually     emailed and securely placed on the health plan’s portal. The solution     also allows for cost-effective archival and retrieval of the publication.


Intelimedix is a business intelligence and healthcare analytics leader     delivering actionable informatics that reduce costs and improve the     quality of care. Offering integrated solutions through a single data     feed, Intelimedix’s proprietary technology leads the industry in     flexibility, speed, accuracy and business value. The company’s advances     in workflow automation, enterprise architecture, customer relationship     management and cost containment, have made it a thought leader to     follow. Intelimedix is a privately held company with strategic     investment from a consortium of Blue Cross and Blue Shield licensees     called BP Informatics, LLC. More information is available at



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