PeoplesBank has been around for more than 130 years and one of the main reasons for that longevity is its ongoing innovation that has led to generations of brand loyalty.
“Innovation has always been a strong organizational value for PeoplesBank,” Sheila King Goodwin, Senior Vice President – Retail, PeoplesBank, explained to Loyalty360. “We were one of the first community banks in the country to launch mobile banking and Apple Pay. Our mutual charter allows us to invest in technology and innovation, rather than divert earnings as stockholder dividends. The Customer Innovation Lab is one of those long-term investments that, along with our new Business Intelligence platform, will allow us to quickly bring to market products and services that foster a frictionless customer experience.”
PeoplesBank is always on the cutting edge and wants to remain there, which can be clearly seen in its tagline: A passion for what is possible.
“As a mutual bank that has been headquartered in western Massachusetts for over 130 years, we have a strong track record of stability,” King Goodwin added. “Our customers know us. They have personal relationships with the branch managers, front-line tellers, and mortgage loan officers. Loyalty comes from familiarity, strong relationships, giving back to the community, and having your expectations met or exceeded. We believe our stability allows for that.”
To live up to its passionate tagline, PeoplesBank created a Customer Innovation Lab and hired a data scientist.
Established in 1885, PeoplesBank is a leader in innovation, corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability, customer experience, and employee engagement. PeoplesBank is based in Holyoke, Massachusetts and operates 19 offices throughout the region. Its three LEED® certified offices are environmentally friendly, and the company has financed more than $96 million in wind, hydroelectric, and solar energy projects.
As a mutual bank, PeoplesBank’s structure affords it a unique opportunity to serve its customers, associates, and the community in comparison to stockholder-owned banks, King Goodwin noted.
“We are continually investing in new ways to serve our customers and support our associates,” she explained. “We donate close to $1 million annually to charitable and civic causes in our market, and our associates donate close to an additional $100,000 through payroll deduction.”

Although mobile is rampant these days among loyalty marketers, PeoplesBank was at the forefront of this explosion.
“We know that mobile is rapidly becoming a preferred channel for many of our customers,” King Goodwin said. “To that end, we have been first to market as a community bank with several mobile technologies. Our customer and community engagement is also highly mobile-friendly. PeoplesBank was also first to market in using social media to engage customers, prospects, and the community. Today, our products, content marketing, and community service efforts are all disseminated through mobile channels to support self-educating prospects on the customer journey to our door. We embraced mobile years ago, so we do not view it as a challenge, but in some ways, perhaps, as the branch of the future. Certainly, ensuring data security is something that is constantly high on our list, and we work with our partners and peers to stay ahead of any threats. But beyond the perceived threats are the infinite possibilities that mobile offers us as an institution and our customers as a convenient, frictionless banking channel.”

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