IBM is doing more lately than just acquiring companies, with their new IBM Customer Engagement Suite, they are offering you a new way to engage with your customers over the web and through the mobile.

Optimizing the Web Experience 

The IBM Customer Experience Suite v7.0 is a portfolio of solutions designed to help organizations engage with their customers online, and via mobile more personally and effectively. Leveraging the latest version of  IBM WebSpherePortal — v7.0 — the suite incorporates all the capabilities necessary today to interact with customers including web content management, social networking, search, commerce,  analytics, personalization, rich media and more. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?

“Collaboration and social software have the power to transform an organization’s Web presence reinventing how they relate to their customers on the Web,” said Alistair Rennie,  general manager, IBM Collaboration Software.  “We are aligning the breadth of IBM capabilities to help our customers embrace the Web as their primary channel for customer engagement.”

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