IBM is joining forces with SAP in an effort to position itself as a preferred hosting partner by offering SAP CRM Targeted Marketing & SAP CRM Loyalty Management on IBM SmartCloud, an IBM Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Our retail customers are increasingly looking for business solutions to tackle their complex IT problems and to execute new business models. With the increasing pressure to deliver business results on expedited schedules, clients are seeking solution partners, who can deliver impactful solutions rapidly and reduce their risks. IBM continues its goal of addressing our customers’ needs through this teaming arrangement by providing a solution with fast time-to-value, unprecedented agility, and a flexible delivery model that will suit customers’ unique workload requirements.

SAP CRM Targeted Marketing & SAP CRM Loyalty Management on IBM SmartCloud will offer functionality of a customized loyalty program with the speed and reduced budget of an off-the-shelf product, without impacting current IT resources or adding costly infrastructure. Together, IBM and SAP can enable the business transformation required by our customers to address their specific Loyalty Management needs with minimal disruption to their business.

SAP CRM Targeted Marketing & SAP CRM Loyalty Management on IBM SmartCloud is the latest milestone in IBM’s overall efforts to provide world-class applications-management services and support to the Retail industry. IBM SmartCloud Foundation offers a cohesive set of technologies with unparalleled time-to-market, integration, and management capabilities for private and hybrid cloud computing. Accelerate enterprise application development, deployment, management and integration in the cloud.

“SAP and IBM will enable enterprise customers to use CRM loyalty applications on a shared private cloud so that they can be accessed anytime, anywhere their business needs them,” said Sue Ecklin, Partner, IBM Global Business Services. “Applying the intelligence of our IBM SmartCloud and SAP CRM applications makes it possible for businesses to manage their customer experience initiatives more efficiently and with a greater velocity and scale.”

As a certified SAP hosting partner, IBM offers a full portfolio of hosting services for SAP applications, including infrastructure, implementation, operation and ongoing support. Today, IBM serves its hosting and application services customers through its multiple Data Centers across North America and around the world. To support its business for SAP CRM solutions, IBM has a dedicated services practice within its Global Business Services (GBS) unit, which includes experts in the SAP CRM Targeted Marketing & SAP CRM Loyalty Management Saas solution.

Find Out More
To learn how SAP CRM Targeted Marketing & SAP CRM Loyalty Management on IBM SmartCloud can help you manage and enhance your retail enterprise customer loyalty program, contact your IBM representative or one of the following contacts:

Suzanne Ecklin
Partner, IBM Global Business Services
(214) 452-8240

Stephen Barry
Associate Partner, IBM Global Business Services
(770) 688-7040

David Langley
Business Sol Prof – Retail, IBM Global Business Services
(404) 840-9701

With a partnership that dates back to the founding of SAP nearly 40 years ago, IBM has the close relationship, experience and expertise needed to make the most of your SAP investment. IBM stands out with its truly end-to-end, holistic set of offerings and capabilities that are unmatched in breadth, depth and quality. IBM offerings span the entire SAP requirements spectrum, from leading technology, to comprehensive services, to industry-specific solutions co-developed with SAP. In 2010, SAP awarded to IBM an SAP Pinnacle Award for customer satisfaction and Global Technology Partner of the Year.

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