Hyundai Changes Customer Satisfaction Survey to Boost Brand Loyalty

Hyundai always listens to its customers, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. As a result, Hyundai has streamlined its customer satisfaction survey to better engage its customers.

Previously, to track customer satisfaction, Hyundai used surveys with 25 or more questions. That proved far too burdensome and unengaging. Now, that number has been reduced to 17, which has proven to be much more palatable and engaging for customers.

The new survey launched March 2, 2016, and according to company officials, the response rate has been great.

Kin Tse, Senior Manager, Customer Satisfaction at Hyundai discussed with Loyalty360 the factors that prompted the creation of a new customer satisfaction survey.

Those factors included:
-Increased call center volume
-Increased consumer inquiries
-Realizing that dealers are closest to customers and they have to build the relationship with customers in order to earn their future business
-Focus on driving customer retention and increase dealer’s involvement in customer relations

“Our goal is to improve customer experience through engaging our dealers to resolve customer concerns,” Tse explained. “We need to create a cultural change in our dealer process and increase dealer engagement. We provide dealers a new and improved platform with alert and closed-loop features. We also support dealers with our owner marketing program strategies.”

Tse noted that Hyundai’s Customer Retention Index is a signal that its customers are satisfied with their service experiences.

“Satisfied customers tend to return to dealers for routine maintenance service and are more likely to purchase another Hyundai vehicle,” Tse said. “First Maintenance Complete and Second-year maintenance complete are metrics that we are using to track customer retention/loyalty with our dealers.”

As customer behavior changes, Tse talked about the progression of customer behavior at Hyundai in recent years, and how important and vital an efficient customer satisfaction survey can be.

“Customers are more inclined to give us feedback if the survey/review invitation is quick and simple,” he said. “Customers are more likely to recommend the Hyundai brand if they have a good service experience at our dealership. Customers are more engaged with Hyundai’s feedback programs as they believe their opinions are valuable to our brand image and product quality. Customers are motivated to provide feedback through online surveys and review requests. More importantly, some customers are sharing their experiences through our social engagement program.”

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