Scott Abramowitz, Card Services Director at Huntington Bank, has been a financial services executive for more than 20 years and believes he has never seen a better banking institution than his current one.

Abramowitz touts Huntington National Bank as the real deal for customers, and says it clearly lives up to its tagline: “We’re the bank that does the right thing.”

Abramowitz participated in a compelling interview with Loyalty360 to talk about what makes Huntington National Bank so special.

Value Proposition

Abramowitz: Our value proposition to the customer is we welcome our customers in the door and do the right thing. We do not have a lot of asterisks next to our value props. We believe our value prop is second to none as it drives loyalty and customer satisfaction. And on the rewards side, there is more redemption.

No Nickel and Diming on Fees

Abramowitz: We spend a lot of time talking with customers. We don’t nickel and dime on fees but instead offer something called 24-Hour Grace®, which gives customers more time to cure their balance. I’ve never seen so many smiles.

When I hear our radio commercials, they clearly talk about the bank that does the right thing, and that clearly resonates with the customers.

Great Customer Service

Abramowitz: Customers don’t want to be feed to death. We have great customer service. I think we’re the only bank that clearly states that, with our VOICE™ credit card, we’ll give you a rate that’s 3% lower if you’re not interested in receiving rewards.

We’re very clear and transparent and do the customer right by giving them choices.


Abramowitz: We clearly look at the competition and what they’re doing. At the end of the day, we listen to our customers and our colleagues. I work with our retail, sales, and support teams. They work with me and talk to bankers, tellers, and customers in the branch.  This continues to help us improve our program.

Voice of the Customer

Abramowitz: We work very closely with each other here at Huntington. We vet a lot of the opportunities recommended by customers and colleagues to improve the customer and banker experience.

Some tools we have been a big help getting support to bankers.


Abramowitz: I truly believe the value our products and services offer both customers and colleagues is second to none. I’ve been here for three years, and have experienced Huntington as a customer and now as a colleague. We are different. We’re very welcoming and we do things different.

You will always hear: “Welcome to Huntington!” when you enter the bank. It’s phenomenal. And we continue to find ways to give back to customers and give them the great banking experience they’re looking for.

Targeting Existing Customers

Abramowitz:  We use targeted analytics to make offers and we’re very encouraged by our results a year into the program.

CMO Challenge

Abramowitz: In the credit card space, we want to continue to grow. Our bank is growing faster from a household perspective. From Huntington’s perspective, we’ve built the trust with the customer and we’re excited about our growth so far.


Abramowitz: We benchmark against other banks, the big guys, and against regional competitors. Mostly importantly, we look at customer trends and what our customers want most.

No Silos

Abramowitz: I work very closely with our digital partners. One of the great things about Huntington is there are no silos. We’ll sit and discuss where things are going. We sit together with technology and strategy partners and figure out where we prioritize our next change.

About the Author: Mark Johnson

Mark is CEO & CMO of Loyalty360. He has significant experience in selling, designing and administering prepaid, loyalty/CRM programs, as well as data-driven marketing communication programs.

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