How Pour Moi Enlisted Jebbit to Leverage Zero-Party Data and Drive Personalization

Tuesday’s webinar, “Drive Engagement, Collect Data Through Dynamic Interactive Personalized Messaging” featured the insight of Ulli Haslacher, Founder & CEO of Pour Moi, and Ben Cockerell, Vice President of Marketing for Jebbit. Together, they told the story of how Pour Moi, faced with challenges in personalized communication with customers, enlisted the help of Jebbit to better reach and understand its consumers.

Founded in 2012, Pour Moi is a skincare brand that enables users to select the best formula of product based on their climate (research suggests that climate impacts skin-health more than other factors). For instance, if a consumer lives in a hot, humid client, Pour Moi has a specific product for her. Haslacher informed the audience that the selection of products successfully differentiated the brand in the highly crowded skincare market. Pour Moi entered several markets across Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Unfortunately, the innovativeness of the product came a learning curve. Haslacher noted that, early on, Pour Moi had a tendency to “overeducate” consumers, when any given consumer really just wanted to know how to identify her climate and order the correct product. Personalization was needed, as Pour Moi was never going to gain consumers’ trust if they were ordering the wrong products for their particular climates.

Pour Moi then reached out to Jebbit, a software-as-solution platform that specializes in helping brands access declared data, specifically zero-party data that consumers willingly give by completing engaging experiences. Cockerell explained to the audience that Jebbit advocates using declared data, because being willingly given, it is more accurate than third-party behavioral and transactional data, which are based on inferences. For what it’s worth, declared data also tends to be complicit with new data and privacy regulations.

To get Pour Moi consumers to purchase the right products from the brand, Jebbit launched a quiz that consumers can access on the brand’s homepage. Consumers then complete a series of questions about today’s weather (e.g., is it hot or cold? Is it dry or humid?) The quiz takes less than a minute, and upon completion, consumers are directed to whichever product best suits their needs. Consumers no longer needed to seek education for a product that can be confusing for first-timers.

Cockerell noted that, when product information is presented in a fun, engaging way, conversion skyrockets. It certainly did for Pour Moi. 81 percent of consumers who took the quiz completed it. A whopping 85 percent of those completions were followed by a purchase (Haslacher said that they were only hoping for 30-50 percent). 65 percent who purchased ordered 4-7 products, and average spend was between $100-$140. In short, engagement works.

As for next steps, Pour Moi intends to use the declared data gathered from the quiz to increase personalization, particularly in the form of email campaigns. Haslacher noted that there’s an opportunity for her company in appealing to frequent travelers who may need a different product for a different locale.

The webinar spoke to the need for brands to boost engagement efforts. Haslacher expressed the opinion that today’s consumer is not ignorant or lazy, but in an increasingly crowded market, consumers are simply more likely to engage on touchpoints that are fun and interesting to them. In addition, this webinar presented an excellent case-study in effective data acquisition and the value of declared data.

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