How Loyalty Marketers Can Make Videos Impactful

Can loyalty marketers adapt their strategies to spark customer engagement through interactivity?

Loyalty360 will examine this topic when it hosts a webinar on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017, at 1 p.m. EDT, titled, “Supercharge Your Videos With Interactivity,” which will be presented by HapYak.

In this webinar, Kyle Morton, chief product officer at HapYak, will highlight practical use cases to get you started, including best practices, what’s possible, and how it works with the tools you already use.

Loyalty360 talked to Lisa Clark, vice president of marketing, HapYak, to get a preview of what’s come for attendees during the webinar.

What makes a video impactful for loyalty marketers?

Clark: With more than 70 percent of the decision-making process completed online before a potential customer engages with your organization, power today has shifted to the individual. As a result, customer loyalty initiatives aim to make on-demand content and brand experiences more personalized and engaging. The use of video is prevalent; it is the experience. Taking it one step further with immersive experiences, such as choose your own adventure (branching) and embedded response mechanisms, video becomes more relevant. It lets the viewer experience your brand like no other medium.

How are loyalty marketers adapting their video strategies and what role does interactivity play?

Clark: More and more strategic marketers are pivoting their view of video from a passive, lean-back experience to something that can drive engagement, save customers time, and help users expedite their path to a conversion outcome. In this way, the role of interactivity is making video work more like the Web. With simple tools like HapYak, video can now be a canvas outside of your website. Share it with people, try out different flows, add a simple subscribe button and some branching. It’s a marketer’s playground and the applications vary as much as the design–from product introductions and how-tos to highly personalized, data-driven engagement campaigns.  

What are loyalty marketers doing well with interactive videos and where do the challenges lie?

Clark: Recent surveys show that only 24 percent of marketers already use interactive video. So getting started can be the biggest challenge for some. The good news is that products are emerging that lower, and in some cases, altogether remove the technological boundaries that many marketers perceive. It’s becoming possible today for almost anyone to add basic interactivity to any video with zero coding skill. For marketers already enjoying the effectiveness of interactive video, we’re seeing the introduction of more advanced navigational elements, such as highly personalized data-driven experiences, in-video shopping, and 360 videos.

How can a loyalty marketer add greater sophistication to its existing video strategy?

Clark: The bottom line here is data. Interactive video makes it possible to collect valuable behavioral data in ways far beyond the number of plays. Insights such as what the viewer clicked on, where they paused, what they did next–at the individual level–provides an unprecedented opportunity to do more with video.

What do you foresee for the future of interactive video?

Clark: For the first time this year, interactive video was heralded as one of the top three trends transforming marketing– personalizing the customer journey and turning this fundamentally passive video medium into more of a customer dialogue. The growth of interactive video will lead viewers in the coming years to expect more than just streaming videos on a Website, anticipating more meaningful and actionable user experiences. For this reason, the adoption of interactive video will continue to accelerate, together with features that enhance the user experience, such as in-video shopping carts, personalization, and content recommendations.

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