How Can Brands Drive Interactive Customer Engagement Through Digital Experiences?

That is one of the key questions that will be addressed during the Loyalty360 webinar, How to Drive Loyalty Through Interactive Experiences, on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, at 1 p.m. EDT. The webinar will be presented by Wayin.

Brands need to find new and unique ways to deliver interactive experiences that people want to engage with, but too many marketers have failed to evolve and still rely on shouty, clickbait heavy, intrusive forms of digital advertising.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about earning your customers’ trust through interactive experiences and tools to scale-up marketing efforts without paying an agency every time you want to run a campaign. 

Wayin CEO Richard Jones talked to Loyalty360 about some of the key points he will address during the webinar.

How can brands drive interactive engagement through digital experiences?

Jones: Brands need to deliver interactive marketing experiences across every digital touch point. Display ads filling mobile screens, or buried below the fold on desktops, are no longer fit for purpose. New digital campaigns need to be customer-first and delivered on every channel, from websites, social media, ad-units, in-venue, mobile and messenger apps, to name a few.

There’s a host of new and innovative campaigns that Wayin has created that help brands connect with their customers, drive engagement, and build meaningful relationships, from Facebook and Twitter live broadcast, to display real-time sentiment and buzz, to chatbots deliver coupons, recommendations, and content.

Why do you think many marketers have failed to evolve to the point where they deliver quality interactive experiences that people engage with?

Jones: For too long, marketers have remained shackled to boring traditional ad formats, scared to try new techniques because of shrinking budgets and scalability fears. But digital advertising isn’t working any more. The average click-through rate of a digital display ad is less than 0.1%. Less than one in a thousand people engage with a campaign. That’s a failure.

Consumers are bored with video, images, and text ads they can’t interact with. It’s clear marketing experiences need to become innovative again and deliver content consumers want to engage with.

What are some of the new digital campaigns that can help drive customer engagement?

Jones: Marketers need to be able to broadcast live in-the-moment content in-stream to drive customer engagement once more.

Using tools such as Social Appverts means an end to clogging social timelines with boring static ads. Marketers can incorporate any number of interactive elements into their ad-units, such as live polls, quizzes and UGC, and appear front-and-center where their target demographic spends the majority of their time online.
This allows digital campaigns to be based on formats that are finally something new and exciting for customers. If your customer spends their time stalking on Facebook, scrolling on Twitter, or musing on Tumblr, your campaigns will stand out and drive engagement.

What are marketers doing well in this area and where do the challenges lie?

Jones: Marketers are finally beginning to see the problem with agencies’ speed to market, time to turn around briefs and costs, and looking for real solutions to these problems.

When it comes to challenges, No. 1 is clearly delivering experiences that consumers want to engage with. Following on from that, it’s finding ways to do this at scale, without upping spend, and without wasting too much time planning campaigns.

That’s why marketers need to leverage a platform that makes it easy and cost effective to ideate, create and deliver interactive experiences that can be cloned, reused and delivered across any digital touch point.

With Wayin, you can leverage your creativity, and ours, by tapping into our Campaign App Store with all your past campaigns searchable by KPI, metrics and campaign type. So when Thanksgiving, the holidays, or World Pancake Day swing around, you can just search for a relevant campaign, clone, translate, customize, and publish.

How can marketers enhance social advocacy and increase customer loyalty?

Jones: If marketers want to engender customer loyalty, then they need to get back to basics and focus on delivering content-rich interactive experiences. Encouraging engagement through surreptitious tactics might work in the short-term, but it’s not a long-term strategy for customer loyalty. It merely throws up worthless metrics at the expense of their customers’ trust and brand’s reputation.  

It’ time to move away from the clickbait, intrusive ads and pop-ups on mobile that make you click by mistake. Give consumers something worth interacting with, worth liking, and worth sharing. It’s a give-and-take relationship so give customers a nudge into being your biggest advocates by providing sweepstakes, meme generators, UGC contests, and much more.

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