This week, in response to the results from its Tasty Travels survey, has announced the launch of its “Tasty Travels” campaign. The Tasty Travels survey was conducted by One Poll in March 2018 and had 9,000 respondents across 29 countries.
According to the survey, Paris, Tokyo and Rome are the top three “foodie” destinations in the world. Also, nearly two thirds of millennial travelers in the U.S. choose their holiday destination based on what they'll eat - not what they'll see or do. Out of those millennial travelers, 64 percent say foodie vacation experiences are the most memorable.
Josh Belkin, VP of Global Brand for, discussed the campaign.
“ “Tasty Travels” campaign is tapping into Millennials’ love for food & travel. Based on our survey results, nearly two thirds of American Millennials admitted a destinations cuisine is their biggest deciding factor when picking a vacation spot. gets Millennials and knows what they love, a couple of them being food and travel, so Tasty Travels was the perfect campaign to combine these two passions!”
Within the campaign, has collaborated with food artist Carl Warner to create mouthwatering landscapes of top foodie destinations.
“Carl Warner embodies the “Tasty Travels” campaign with his vivid and vibrant recreations of landscapes in food as well as his love for travel and food. We instantly knew this partnership would be the perfect fit for our campaign. Through these images, we hope that vacationers are inspired to get online, get booking and sight-taste!”
The food-built landscapes consist of sights such as, “Parisian buildings made of cheese, the Pantheon made of pasta and Mount Fuji made of seaweed.” They are meant to inspire travelers to get online, book these flavorful destinations, and take photos of their own.
“Nowadays, it’s all about that ‘gram’- sharing food snaps on social media is a great way not only to share delicious experiences but also give tips and recommendations to friends and, in some instances, the world,” says Belkin. “There’s also no denying the fact that food experiences provide people with some serious bragging rights! Plus, sharing photos is much better than actually having to share the dish itself!”
What makes food so memorable is the experience associated with it. Through the campaign, is providing a unique customer experience while also showing off cities in a refreshing manner.
“Food is one of the most connective and rewarding currencies there is, bringing people together and providing one of life’s most pleasurable experiences.”
“Food and foodie experiences are so sensorial; so many of our senses are engaged – plus eating is often done in moments where we come together with travel buddies, other travelers and even locals. From food, you can learn a lot about the place you’re in and the people who live there; it’s truly a journey of discovery and nothing beats the feeling of a full and happy belly.”

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