Home.com is awarding a select number of consumers with a custom, animated NFT, or non-fungible token, of the special home in their lives, and is the first home buying resource to offer a crypto home memento.

Consumers have the chance to secure a custom NFT derived from a rendering of their home, whether it’s their first home, their current home, a favorite childhood home, or any other home that has meaning to them.

As an animation, the digital artwork will capture a specific point of time at the home, such as snowfall to create a memento that can be minted on any date of significance. Chosen recipients will also receive a free hardware wallet to enable them to safely store their newly minted NFT.

“We all have a deep and emotional attachment to our homes — they mean more than the wood, stucco, or brick they are built with. The Home.com NFT is meant to preserve that feeling and share the excitement with a new generation of future homeowners,” said Ben Smidt, VP Digital Strategy & Innovation at Fairway. “Many people today are interested in what’s happening with NFTs and crypto. The ability to offer a meaningful digital asset and hardware wallet is a fun way to connect.”

Conscious of the carbon footprints NFTs leave behind, Home.com is working with a nationally recognized environmental foundation to limit CO2 emissions. A donation of 10 trees will be made for every NFT minted. This donation offsets the carbon dioxide emissions that result from the creation of an NFT.
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