Brands and Media Companies Can Further Engage Customers and Prospects     through Scannable Barcodes Which Make Nearly Any Media Type More     Accessible

LAS VEGAS—Mobile marketing leaders Hipcricket and Scanbuy have partnered to enable brands and media companies to further engage     consumers with mobile barcodes. Through this partnership, Hipcricket     clients have enhanced capabilities to provide information, pictures of a     product, or other rich media delivered when a barcode is scanned.

Over 90% of phones today come with a camera, making virtually any mobile     device a personal barcode scanner. Also, according to a recent survey     from Scanbuy, mobile barcode scanning has increased 700% since the start     of 2010. Hipcricket already provides mobile marketing and advertising     across mobile channels including SMS, mobile Web sites, advertising     networks and branded apps. Adding Scanbuy’s mobile barcodes or QR codes     will give Hipcricket clients yet another means to reach on-the-go     consumers and capitalize on this fast-growing medium.

Scanbuy’s ScanLife platform integrates seamlessly into Hipcricket’s HIP     6.0 platform, to ensure that mobile marketing campaigns are consistent     from end-to-end and reporting capabilities encapsulate interactions from     every mobile channel. The ScanLife app is being preloaded and promoted     by carriers worldwide and is being used by tens of millions of users.

“Scanbuy’s technology is a great addition to Hipcricket’s already broad     portfolio of mobile marketing and advertising solutions,” said Eric     Harber, president and COO at Hipcricket. “Barcode scanning is a growing     element of mobile marketing, and we’re pleased to be partnering with     Scanbuy to enhance our barcode capabilities and to offer our customers a     robust solution which integrates seamlessly into Hipcricket’s platform     to optimize customer interactions.”

“Hipcricket works with a stellar list of brand name customers, and we’re     pleased to be able to offer them our barcode scanning technology through     this partnership,” said Mike Wehrs, CEO of Scanbuy. “The ability to     connect a customer directly to more information by scanning a simple     barcode with their phone represents a myriad of possibilities to connect     with customers through their mobile device.”

Coinciding with this announcement, Hipcricket reports that it has     surpassed an industry-leading 75,000 campaigns for brands, agencies and     media properties. Hipcricket has provided services to Arby’s, Macy’s,      Nestle, KFC, HBO, Staples, Hershey’s, Alaska Airlines and Clear Channel,      among others to engage customers, drive loyalty and increase sales using     every mobile channel including SMS, mobile Web sites, advertising     networks and branded apps. Hipcricket also operates the first     comprehensive permission-based mobile ad network, which gives brands and     agencies access to over 100 million unique users across its national     footprint.

About Scanbuy

Scanbuy is the leading global provider of mobile barcode solutions that     use the camera phone as the link between the physical world and the     digital world. The ScanLife solution consists of a multi-barcode reader     application and interoperable Code Management Platform. The technology     has been successfully deployed and supported by leading mobile providers     and handset manufacturers in the United States, Mexico, Chile, Spain,      Italy and Denmark. Media companies and marketers use the solution to     create and manage measurable 2D barcode campaigns, extending brand     engagement onto mobile devices.

Scanbuy has the largest and oldest patent portfolio of any company in     the industry, with over 30 patents granted covering the entire solution.      The company’s investors include Motorola Ventures, Hudson Ventures,      Masthead Venture Partners, and Longworth Venture Partners.

For more information on Scanbuy, please visit or

About Hipcricket Inc.

Hipcricket Inc. is the one-stop mobile marketing and advertising company that     empowers brands, agencies and media properties to engage customers,      drive loyalty and increase sales. Hipcricket’s customers connect with     consumers across every mobile channel, including SMS, mobile Web sites,      advertising networks and branded apps. Hipcricket’s proven technology     and experienced account management teams have provided measurable     successes through an industry-leading 75,000 campaigns for clients such     as Macy’s, Nestle, KFC, HBO and Clear Channel. The company has also     created the first comprehensive permission-based mobile ad network that     taps into the buying power of the mass market with industry-leading     capabilities to target customers via location and highly-specific     demographic information.

Hipcricket is a privately held corporation based near Seattle,      Washington, with operations in New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City.      For more mobile marketing and mobile advertising information please     visit

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