Mobile Marketing and Advertising Leader Gains Recognition For 90     Percent Mobile Opt-In Rates Garnered for Arby’s

KIRKLAND, Wash.—The MOBI Awards, honoring overall excellence and     breakthrough achievement in mobile media, marketing and advertising,      have named Hipcricket a finalist in three categories, including “Best Mobile Agency” and “Best     Mobile Promotion for a Product Launch” and “Best Mobile/Cross Media     Campaign” for work done with Arby’s.

The MOBI Awards drew worldwide submissions and were judged by leading     mobile media and marketing experts, journalists, industry insiders,      marketers, publishers, and mobile technology visionaries. “Best in Show”      and award winners will be announced Sept. 13.

Hipcricket’s position as a finalist in the “Best Mobile Agency” category     marks a significant milestone for the company. Hipcricket’s technology     solutions and services have been put to work in an industry-leading     65,000 campaigns for brands, agencies and media properties. Hipcricket     has provided services to Arby’s, Macy’s, Nestle, KFC, HBO, Staples,      Hershey’s, Alaska Airlines and Clear Channel, among others to engage     customers, drive loyalty and increase sales using every mobile channel,      including SMS, mobile Web sites, permission-based advertising networks     and branded apps. Hipcricket also operates the first comprehensive     permission-based mobile ad network, which gives brands and agencies     access to over 100 million unique users across its national footprint.

In addition, Hipcricket was nominated for “Best Mobile Promotion for a     Product Launch” and “Best Mobile/Cross Media Campaign” for its work with     Arby’s that included the launch and promotion of the quick service     restaurant’s Roastburger sandwich. The campaign kicked off with a Jimmy     Kimmel Live segment, where viewers were urged to text the word     ROASTBURGER to 27297 to receive a free sandwich with the purchase of any     drink. Arby’s created 172 local databases to enable a local mobile     capability and to handle the SMS response traffic from its television     and mobile promotions. Of consumers who started a text interaction     through in-store signage, more than 89% opted to join their local     database; in addition more than 90% of TV respondents did so. Since the     initial launch, Arby’s has integrated mobile into many of its TV and     radio commercials, print ads, Sunday coupon circulars, live events and     in-store signage.

“We’re honored that both Hipcricket and our customers have been     acknowledged as leaders by the MOBI Awards program,” said Eric Harber,      president and COO at Hipcricket. “Mobile marketing can create big wins     for both businesses and consumers, and we are proud that our efforts, as     well as those of our clients including Arby’s, are being recognized by     the industry for their outstanding success.”

About Hipcricket Inc.

Hipcricket Inc. is the one-stop mobile marketing and advertising company that     empowers brands, agencies and media properties to engage customers,      drive loyalty and increase sales. Hipcricket’s customers connect with     consumers across every mobile channel, including SMS, mobile Web sites,      permission-based advertising networks and branded apps. Hipcricket’s     proven technology and experienced account management teams have provided     measurable successes through an industry-leading 65,000 campaigns for     clients such as Macy’s, Nestle, KFC, HBO and Clear Channel. The company     has also created the first comprehensive permission-based mobile ad     network that taps into the buying power of the mass market with     industry-leading capabilities to target customers via location and     highly-specific demographic information.

Hipcricket is a privately held corporation based near Seattle,      Washington, with operations in New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City.      For more mobile marketing and mobile advertising information please     visit

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