HEREWECAN and Creative House Partnership Brings High Tech Personalized Customer Engagement to Paris

Partnership for customer engagementVideo was once perceived to be a difficult way to conduct successful online customer engagement marketing. Often, the main difficulties involved attracting and retaining the fragmented attention spans of digital viewers, but new advancements in technology are making this challenge much more manageable.

Most notably, personalized video is breaking down these barriers, and helping to pave the way to a more emotionally resonate customer engagement process. And this technology is now available to players within the insurance, banking, utility, telecom and travel industries all across France.

This service comes via a new partnership between Creative House, a personalized video project management agency, and HEREWECAN, which is a unique Paris-based company that exists at the crossroads between a creative consultancy and data management firm.

"We are delighted to be working with HEREWECAN in the French market,” said Lotan Morad, CEO of Creative House Group. “Customer engagement is fast becoming the most important aspect of retention and loyalty, and personalized video is the best way to improve and maintain engagement with your brand." 

These marketing videos combine personalization with customized interactivity to increase the customer engagement of viewers. It’s often known as PIV, and it can turn passive viewers into active participants through real-time presentations aimed directly at the personal needs of each potential customer. It may sound like something of the far future, but new technologies and an array of data gathering techniques are making it a reality.Customer Engagement

Marketers can now harness this power to create a real dialogue with customers, where, when and how they’re ready to listen and respond. PIVs can be leveraged across a number of channels including online, email, and mobile to add an additional level of convenience and accessibility.

Furthermore, the number of videos than can be generated are also almost unlimited, so unique and engaging customer experiences can be created throughout the customer life cycle.

And now, thanks to the new partnership between Creative House and HEREWECAN, more businesses across France and beyond will be able to harness this technology.

"I'm very pleased to handle this partnership with Creative House,” said Bastien Weulersse, the founder of HEREWECAN. “HEREWECAN can now use this cutting edge technology to improve all loyalty programs for our clients and prospects."

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