Helzberg Diamonds Establishes Trust and Confidence Via NCR to Boost Customer Experience

Creating trust and confidence with your customers is a huge priority for loyalty marketers. Through NCR Corp., Helzberg Diamonds wants to accomplish just that to spur brand loyalty and an improved customer experience.
Helzberg Diamonds, one of North America’s leading jewelry retailers, has implemented NCR Connected Payments to help with its payments security. Helzberg is using the cloud-based payment solution to manage its daily operations related to bank card payments across its network of stores.

Helzberg Diamonds selected NCR to provide a flexible, secure payment solution that mitigates payment card theft and fraud risks for its customers. NCR Connected Payments provides data and transmission protection, from PIN pad to payment processor, helping to reduce Helzberg’s exposure to potential payment data theft and fraud. The flexible cloud solution also makes it easy to comply with changing payments regulations and implement changes across all locations from a single center.

“This technology gives our customers assurance that protecting their data is a top priority to Helzberg Diamonds,” Helzberg Diamonds CIO Jeff Rohr told Loyalty360. “Trust and confidence are paramount to our relationships with our customers and this technology extends that trust to the customer payment experience.”
As a cloud-based solution, NCR Connected Payments allows retailers to easily comply with evolving payment regulations and standards on an ongoing basis, with NCR managing the process of ongoing updates. It also offers the flexibility for retailers to configure the implementation to their specific requirements, providing access to the latest innovative payment methods without having to apply complex and costly changes to POS and payment infrastructure.

“Establishing trust and confidence from the moment a customer walks in our stores is essential,” Rohr added. “We maintain that trust and confidence not only by offering quality jewelry at an exceptional value but also by ensuring we handle the payment process with the greatest care. Enabling EMV and End-to-End-Encryption in our stores helps maintain that level of confidence.”

Helzberg Diamonds®, a retail and online jewelry store focused on customer service, was founded in 1915 and has more than 230 stores nationwide, featuring a wide selection of fine jewelry, including diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, precious gems and watches.

“We are pleased to have been selected by Helzberg Diamonds, a leader in the retail jewelry industry, for implementation of NCR Connected Payments,” said Steven Arthur, vice president and general manager, Payments-Security & Cloud Services, NCR. “This implementation helps provide our valued client access to the latest payment options to enhance the shopper experience, while significantly reducing liability and exposure to fraud.”

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