Health Mart No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction in J.D. Power Pharmacy Study

Health Mart, a network of more than 3,500 independently owned and operated pharmacies, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of McKesson Pharmaceuticals, has assumed control of customer satisfaction among brick-and-mortar chain drug stores, according to the recently released J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Pharmacy Study.
Those keen customer satisfaction levels (scoring 898 on a 1,000-point scale in the study) lend themselves well to Health Mart’s customer loyalty mission: “Building loyalty from the ground up. At Health Mart, excellent customer service is not a franchise mandate, it comes from the care and commitment
our best-in-class pharmacies bring to their communities.”
Loyalty360 caught up with Erin Kiri, Senior Manager, Brand Strategy, at McKesson to find out more about Health Mart’s customer satisfaction prowess.

“We’re thrilled that our pharmacies have been recognized for their unique ability to own the patient relationship,” Kiri told Oyalty360. “Our franchise goal focuses on providing members with the resources and support they need to run a better business and help their patients achieve better health. Enabling our stores to run their business, their way helps Health Mart pharmacies drive maximum impact in their communities.”
Health Mart doesn’t measure loyalty through a standard set of loyalty metrics.
“Instead, we focus on the clinical performance metrics that truly make a difference in the health of the patient,” Kiri said. “This naturally leads to increased engagement, greater levels of satisfaction, and a more personalized in-store experience.”
With the ubiquitous nature of chain pharmacies, Kiri said, Health Mart’s independent pharmacy owners depend on their deep relationships to differentiate themselves from the competition.
“Pharmacists are often the first person a patient contacts with a health-related question and, therefore, become an important advocate for their patients’ health,” she explained. “In an increasingly complicated healthcare market, Health Mart pharmacies go above and beyond to understand their patients’ unique health needs and provide the service and support to help their patients achieve better health. Our research shows consumers want a pharmacist who knows their name and their medications. We define customer loyalty as connecting with the patient at an individual level to provide a differentiated quality of care.”
What’s more, Kiri believes there is power in grassroots marketing efforts, facilitated by the franchise and brought to life at the local level.
“This approach enables our customers to tailor their activities to best meet the needs of their businesses and their communities,” Kiri said. “Health Mart is proud to be the largest network of best-in-class pharmacies that continues to set industry standards for customer service, clinical performance, and superior patient care.”

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