Health care providers have a laundry of concerns on their plate. From government regulations to the shifting landscape of consolidation, organizations are under pressure to juggle these issues while continuing to provide top-notch care and build brand loyalty. A recent study from Prophet and GE Healthcare Camden Group, however, shows that one aspect of health care is in danger of being left in the dust: Patient experience.
According to the report, a shocking 81% of study participants are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience.
Perhaps more telling is the growing gap between what providers think they’re providing patients with, and what patients are actually receiving. When the metrics were compared, providers overestimated their patient experience by over 20%. This gap is an indication of the disconnection between some healthcare providers and their clients.
“There is a misperception among providers about how well they are truly meeting consumer expectations,” said Jeff Gourdji, co-lead of Prophet’s health care practice. “Although they acknowledge its importance, providers are finding it challenging to focus on patient experience in the face of so many competing priorities.”
Patient experience was absent from the top five priorities of the surveyed hospital CEOs, but the report also notes that investments in CX would potentially contribute to the overall operational and financial effectiveness of the company.
As providers continue to consolidate, the market is providing an opportunity for companies to separate themselves from the pack through enhanced patient experience and efforts for an authentic connection with customers. Three quarters of surveyed providers recognize this need, indicating that patient experience may play a significant role in future success.
Thus far, however, the organizations have failed to step up to the challenge.
“The results of our study prove that to be successful, healthcare providers need to modernize their approach to patient experience,” said Laura Jacobs, President of GE Healthcare Camden Group. “Creating better and more holistic experiences doesn’t just mean happier patients. It translates to increased capacity, lower operating costs, improved financial performance, and higher employee satisfaction and retention. For healthcare providers, the key to profitability and longevity lies in their ability to deliver a superior consumer experience.”

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