Given the need for adaptability and personalization in today’s customer loyalty market, there are few things more valuable than measurable, actionable consumer insight. At their inner core, loyalty programs are designed to gather this data and, in most cases, place it into a format that can be easily digested, analyzed, and acted upon to make more informed decisions within the company.
Hawaiian Airlines is taking this dynamic to the next level while providing flyers with a unique opportunity to earn rewards. This is because, through a partnership with SSI, the brand is offering HawaiianMiles members the chance to earn bonus points in return for providing insight.
“We are extremely excited for our HawaiianMiles members to experience the Opinions Take Flight program with SSI,” said Char Oshiro, senior director for HawaiianMiles, based in Honolulu. “In our continuing effort to offer new opportunities to earn miles toward travel-related services, this relationship with SSI will be a first for HawaiianMiles. We have great confidence in SSI and its team. They have built a fantastic reputation as the world’s largest multi-mode sample provider to professionals around the globe seeking insights.”
The Opinions Take Flight program is an effort to encourage and incentivize engagement in a non-traditional way: by asking customers for insight regarding the brands they shop with, and the habits they form in doing so. The insight provided by these surveys is invaluable in allowing these SSI-partnered brands to make informed decisions regarding their respective customer experience initiatives.
While the program is limited to the U.S., HawaiianMiles plans to roll out to more countries in due time, potentially serving the airline’s international customers in Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, and New Zealand.
“SSI is a company deeply rooted in creating data solutions and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research. We’ve held a leadership position in providing audience insights and created the largest network of audience-focused loyalty programs around the world,” said Bob Fawson, SSI chief product officer. “SSI is dedicated to helping companies go from product discovery to product supremacy. By joining the Opinions Take Flight panel, HawaiianMiles members will experience a simple and easy way to earn miles to help global companies improve their products and services.”

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