Harley Davidson Embraces Customer-Centricity to Acquire and Retain Riders

With deeper consumer insights driving its refined plan and sharpened objectives, Harley-Davidson is strengthening its efforts to build the next generation of riders. The company plans to focus on investment and build new capabilities to invigorate the Harley-Davidson brand and experience. This will spark passion that deepens rider commitment.
Brand and consumer-facing teams are being structured and aligned with an even deeper consumer focus to reach people with consistent and engaging brand experiences. To reflect this, Amplify Brand has been added as a growth catalyst in the “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” plan and intends to bolster the existing growth catalysts of New Products, Broader Access, and Stronger Dealers.
“We see a meaningful opportunity to leverage the power of the brand to demonstrate how riding a Harley-Davidson fills the mind, body, and soul in ways that help riders live for real,” says Matt Levatich, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson. “We’ll continue to fuel all aspects of the riding experience and add new solutions to fully develop, engage, and retain riders through their journey, starting with the very first spark of interest.”
The company’s intensified rider-centric approach and consumer research show that bringing new riders in and keeping all riders riding—no matter what their experience level, age, or life stage—is critical to achieving its objectives.
As a result, Harley-Davidson has narrowed its objectives to better align with its expanded efforts to build committed riders. In the United States, the company plans to expand to 4 million total Harley-Davidson riders by 2027. This objective reflects the company’s broader efforts to attract new riders and retain riders each year.
Notably, these stated goals of retaining riders does not come with the announcement of a loyalty program (some Harley-Davidson dealerships offer a program, but the brand, as a whole, does not). Given that LoyaltyOne’s research shows that 44 percent of retailers indicate that at least 40 percent of their total revenue comes from loyalty program members, and that Harley Davidson’s retention goals are ambitious, it may be time for the brand to explore a programmatic engagement strategy.
However, Harley-Davidson does plan to grow international business to 50 percent of annual revenue. Previously, the growth target was motorcycle unit volume, which was not inclusive of all of the company’s efforts to grow internationally, including IRONe electric-powered two-wheelers for kids, eBicycles, and a refreshed apparel approach.
“We’re on a quest to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders,” says Levatich. “We are activating our refined plan with focus and an intensity to create new pathways to Harley-Davidson and expand access and appeal to more people around the world.”

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