Grubhub, the nation’s leading mobile food-ordering and delivery platform, recently announced key findings from its annual “Year in Food” report. The study surveyed more than 21 million users to discover favorite menu items and ordering habits to find out what food trends shaped 2019. After completing the survey, participants receive their personalized “Taste of 2019,” which includes an overview of their food trends and habits over the last year.
As the report shares, 2019 was a big year for the plant-based movement. Cauliflower pizza claimed the top spot, rising 650 percent in popularity throughout the year. Spicy brussel sprouts and portobello empanadas followed, rising 622 percent and 601 percent, respectively. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes occupied seven of the top 10 spots – compared to only three a year ago.
According to the report, it is expected that vegan and vegetarian trends are still growing, with vegan orders rising 27 percent in popularity overall in 2019 as compared to 2018. Specifically, the Impossible Burger saw a more than 200 percent rise in popularity this year.
In short, burgers, pizza, and tacos always will be a delivery go-to; however, trends come and go. Whether it’s cauliflower-everything or 2017’s top food of poke bowls, with more than 450,000 orders per day on average, Grubhub has its finger on the pulse of customer preferences.
This year also marked a year of giving back for Grubhub. Since launching its “Donate the Change” feature in October, Grubhub diners have given back to those in need. In 2019, diners donated more than $10 million to support organizations including Grubhub’s core partner, No Kid Hungry. Additionally, the brand supported the James Beard Foundation’s Women’s Leadership Programs and NYC Kids RISE, giving back to local public-school students’ college and career futures to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Seamless, Grubhub’s New York-specific brand.
As customer preferences and tastes continue to evolve, restaurants and delivery services are doing their best to keep up. Grubhub's "Year in Food" report is a dive into these consumer preferences gathered from tens of millions of orders on the Grubhub platform. Order trends detail the rise in popularity of food items placed by Grubhub diners from January-November 2019, as compared to the same timeframe in 2018.

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