Grocery King Seeks Lootsie’s Mobile Loyalty Program to Increase User Retention

Grocery King loyalty program As new apps and mobile platforms are increasingly making loyalty programs easier for brands to implement and for customers to use, a few are even joining forces to become even more powerful. Two perfect examples are Grocery King and Lootsie, who have just announced an integrated loyalty program partnership that has already drastically increased the success of each party’s respective platform in a very short time.

Almost immediately after partnering, Lootsie, a mobile app-based rewards and loyalty program, announced a 30% increase in user members during the first month alone. Likewise, Grocery King, a highly customizable grocery app that lets users create and share personal shopping lists, marked a 14% increase in overall customer engagement. Grocery King also stated that Lootsie has also helped mark an overall increase in the duration of engagement with the app. On average, users are now interacting with Grocery King three minutes longer than before.

“Grocery King’s primary goal was to increase user sessions with the least amount of friction as possible,” said Marc Mitchell, Lootsie Co-founder and CEO. “The beauty of the Lootsie platform is that it comes ready right out of the box, which allowed us to quickly identify a few key areas to reward users in Grocery King such as creating a new shopping list or checking out from a shopping list, which lead to an immediate boost in users sessions.”

This is valuable information for any brand that seeks to form a similar partnership with the host of new mobile-ready and digitally interactive customer loyalty apps that are helping brands bring multi and omni-channel customer experiences to the forefront. As a mainstream loyalty and rewards platform that connects brands and developers, Lootsie has already helped many other companies including SOL REPUBLIC, Manduka, Grocery king mobile loyalty and Sevenlogics drive deeper customer engagement.

Similar to the popular loyalty programs offered by hotels and airlines, Lootsie’s plug-and-play loyalty platform let’s brands develop and monetize valuable customer relationships. Consumers can collect points, earn app achievements, and then redeem those points for rewards through Lootsie’s brand partners. The customers enjoy the rewards, and the brands enjoy the added customer engagement that they bring.

So far, it seems to be working well for Grocery King.

“Lootsie provided a way for our users to engage with real rewards from brands they know and love, which resulted in a big boost in users sessions, time in app and additional revenue,” said Eshwar Satrasala, Founder and CEO at Grocery King. “We are extremely excited to work with Lootsie and are looking forward to implementing in our upcoming launch on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.”

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