Software As A Service Solution Helps Companies Increase Customer Loyalty Program Activation, Participation and Enables Real-Time Payments

NEW YORK, June 15, 2010 – Gold Mobile today introduced “GoMo Wallet,” a new mobile-based Software as a Service (SaaS) customer loyalty solution that provides a scalable, highly secure and very convenient way for retailers and marketers to utilize the mobile platform to deliver and track loyalty rewards/incentives while processing transactions in real-time.  The GoMo Wallet seamlessly integrates with businesses’ existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems and loyalty systems and is fully compatible with all major wireless networks and mobile devices.  As a next generation loyalty solution, the GoMo Wallet combines Gold Mobile’s real-time CRM engine with the industry-leading Telcordia® Real-Time Service Delivery and Charging Suite to ensure fast and secure mobile wallet transactions on mobile phones.  
Gold Mobile is a leading CRM and mobile solutions provider.  Telcordia is a global leader in the development of mobile, broadband and enterprise communications software and services, including the Telcordia Real-Time Charging solution, which is used by more than 200 million subscribers and 35 wireless carriers worldwide.  Telcordia Real-Time Charging is part of the Telcordia Service Delivery Suite, which offers the key enabling elements of personal, interactive services — real-time charging, policy control and rapid service creation.
“With the rapid adoption of new wireless technologies, applications and services by consumers around the world to support their new lifestyles, companies have a unique window of opportunity to accelerate market share by better servicing today’s mobile-connected consumer,” said Brian Edwards, Executive Director – Business Development, Service Delivery Solutions, Telcordia Technologies Inc.  “GoMo Wallet combines highly scalable and secure, transaction capabilities with personalized CRM communications to make it more convenient for a customer to opt in for interactive loyalty programs, wherever they may be, and to say ‘yes’ for any transaction.”
GoMo Wallet brings significant innovation to digital commerce and transaction processing.  Unlike existing credit card and shopping card transaction methods, GoMo Wallet enables corporate enterprises to take advantage of carrier-grade, highly secure, telecommunications functionality such as:

  • Friends & Family Commerce to manage spending limits, parental controls, monitor spending habits, transfer balances and request spending approval on-the-fly
  • Spending & Payment Policy Management of consumer or corporate expense accounts, allowed spending categories down to the SKU level, expense balances with expiration dates, real-time mobile alerts for over-the-limit spending and policy controlled bonus rewards based on customer usage
  • Anywhere Approvals & Transactions that can be made directly from mobile phones to request approval for extra spending and instant access to account status
  • In-the-Moment Promotion & Merchandise Management with incentives based on time of day, inventory levels, event triggers, and customer profiles

“GoMo Wallet is built on an enterprise-grade mobile platform using Gold Mobile’s scalable CRM and engagement solution that supports text, web, downloadable apps, voice, video and email features and integrates Telcordia’s real-time pay-as-you-go purchase transaction technology,” said Bob Gold, CEO, Gold Mobile.  “GoMo Wallet helps businesses increase loyalty program-driven purchases to enable a more interactive relationship by engaging with customers ‘in-the-moment’ and ‘within their lifestyle’ that cannot be achieved with current card-based programs.”
GoMo Wallet is being rolled out to several sectors with in-store and online loyalty CRM programs, including: Retail (Consumer Goods, Banking, Insurance); Hospitality (Foodservice, Hotel, Travel); and Automotive Services (Auto Repair & Installation).  GoMo Wallet provides valuable consumer behavior data to enhance relationships, establish bonus incentives as well as other additional benefits:

  • Provides “in-the-moment” availability to capture additional consumer purchases
  • Increases shoppers’ convenience, purchase incentive and conversion while shopping
  • Measure incentive and loyalty program ROI through analysis of GoMo Wallet usage


  • Drives consumer traffic during slow hours, increases orders and lowers customer acquisition costs
  • Mobile Ordering & Reservation features allow payment before arrival to save time and increase volume of orders and transactions
  • Retains customers through faster ordering experience
  • Customizes incentives based on historical purchases

Automotive Services

  • Remote, real-time Estimate & Payment transaction capability reduces customer response time
  • Sustains patronage of manufacturer-certified service centers
  • Delivers periodic service reminders with time-limited bonuses

For more information, please visit the GoMo Wallet website at:

About Gold Mobile

Gold Mobile, based in Clark, N.J., is a leading mobile CRM solutions provider with a high performance mobile platform supported by a suite of mobile applications and development tools.  Its flagship Software as a Service (SaaS) mobile platform enables real-time two-way consumer dialogue and decision-making that results in highly personalized communications. The Gold Mobile platform supports carriers and networks throughout the US, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit:

About Telcordia
Telcordia, a global leader in the development of fixed, mobile and broadband communications software and services, enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs), enterprises, suppliers and government entities to successfully deploy innovative and advanced services that help our clients realize operational efficiencies, drive revenue, and maintain a competitive edge in the new era of services-dominated communications. Telcordia has globally trusted expertise in software and services to meet the needs of customers and partners, including, consulting, next-generation OSS, network and application interconnection, service delivery and charging  solutions, industry research and new technology development. Telcordia is headquartered in Piscataway, N.J., with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Central and Latin America. More details about Telcordia® Real-Time Charging is available at

Contacts:  (Gold Mobile):  Meghan Verdon, (212) 201-4206;
               (Telcordia Technologies Inc.):  Sharon Oddy, (732) 699-4203;

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