Gold's Gym CXWilliam Floyd, CIO for Gold’s Gym, told attendees during his session at Monday’s Engagement & Experience Expo, hosted by Loyalty360, that the company has been challenged by competition from many sources and the Gold’s Gym team wondered how Gold’s Gym could differentiate itself?

As a result, Gold’s Gym has launched a new customer experience program called myPATH, which allows members to customize fitness and nutrition workout regimens with personal trainers and track their goals.

Ultimately, Floyd would like to implement business intelligence capabilities to analyze the data myPATH collects from wearables and health apps.

“We capture information and fitness professionals engage with them to have a unique gym experience and engage them every step of the way,” Floyd told attendees. “It’s very high touch. We developed a mobile app and integrated it with our new CRM system. Members can set goals that we can track through the app. Over a 12-week period we give them a transformation plan. We talk about goals and objectives. The app and wearable devices track everything.”

What’s more, with the new CRM program, Gold’s Gym developed a series of cadences throughout the whole engagement process with a critical target date.

“Everything leads to Day 90,” Floyd said. “If they reach that, they usually stay for life. Wearables were built for fitness. They can track their workouts with very little effort.”

Gold’s Gym just celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, and Floyd talked about how the company’s former perception of a very male-dominated, bulked up clientele is no longer reality. Gold’s Gym serves more than three million members in 38 states and 22 countries around the world.GOLD'S GYM

“Fifty-five percent of our members are women,” Floyd said. “Fitness has a life of different trends. Where there is traction, we’ll make a competitive offer. Can we do something to add value? Millennials are trending in the right direction for fitness. They will spend more on fitness compared to the previous generation. This is a program that doesn’t change things overnight. We know what moves the needle and what will be good for our members. The program is designed to return results.”

What does the CX future hold for Gold’s Gym?

“We want to have more people see Gold’s Gym as a place to go to get results,” Floyd explained. “Fitness is on a straight trajectory. You have to know your customer and understand their trigger points. What keeps them engaged long term? What makes them come to our brand? We have to engage employees to find out what creates that brand loyalty.”

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