All shoppers have come face-to-face with an overaggressive salesman —  the clerk who asks on more than one occasion if you need help, who pushes products you have no interest in buying, who follows you around until you want to run screaming from the store. With mobile commerce,  however, retailers can supplant that pushy salesman, eliminating the awkward personal interaction while simultaneously collecting important customer data and providing an incentive to make the purchase.

GoMo Wallet, a recent collaboration between two New Jersey–based companies, Gold Mobile, a CRM and mobile solutions provider, and Telcordia,  a mobile broadband and enterprise communications software provider,  offers the mobile technology for retailers and marketers to deliver and track loyalty rewards and incentives while processing transactions in real-time, according to a joint press release.

“GoMo Wallet takes the entire customer experience into consideration,” says Erin Raese,  chief operating officer of Loyalty 360, a think tank specializing in “engagement marketing,” which includes the loyalty and incentive industries. “It’s a cohesive product that offers a cohesive strategy to the different marketers that will be implementing the solution.”

The product will likely be of interest, Raese says,  because of a real-time engine facilitating fast and secure transactions on mobile phones. In an era when companies are attempting to go mobile and learn as much about the customer as possible, the combination of CRM and mobility is emerging as one of the most compelling developments in the industry.

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