New turnkey wallet powers mobile gift and loyalty programs without special POS or handset hardware.

Businesses that have been restricted to card-based gift and loyalty programs because of their POS can now offer their customers Givex's new Mobile Loyalty Wallet, a convenient, customer-centric solution for secure mobile gift programs and rewards. It can be easily incorporated into a merchant's mobile app, increases program participation, gives customers a faster way to pay and uses Givex's SUN (Single Use Number) system to mask card numbers, thereby increasing security.

Givex is a global technology company, powering next generation gift and loyalty programs for businesses in more than 50 countries worldwide. Givex's goal is to make adoption and mobile payment as easy as possible for both businesses and their customers. Other mobile payment technologies, such as NFC, are heavily dependent on phone and POS hardware. In contrast, a Givex merchant can accept card-less gift and loyalty transactions today by entering or scanning a consumer-generated 6-digit SUN (Single Use Number) on all Givex-enabled POS systems without costly hardware upgrades.

Givex's innovative SUN (Single Use Number) system is distinctive in that it not only increases security but also customer ease-of-use. Instead of handing over full gift or loyalty card numbers at the point of sale, which may incur fraud risk, the mobile wallet generates a unique token each time, a SUN (Single Use Number), which is used for the transaction. The SUN can be generated on-screen as a QR code, bar code or 6-digit number.

While customers can access the wallet by downloading the appropriate app, Givex can also provide a no-download version, which sits on a mobile website and can be accessed by any phone's web browser. Givex is opening up the new wallet capability to all clients to start incorporating it into their programs.

About Givex
Givex's technology has now significantly evolved from the first gift card and loyalty programs that began in 1999. We now provide customizable tools that empower businesses of all kinds to acquire new customers, build, maintain and expand their customer database, effectively communicate with customers, and finally understand and reward their most loyal customers. Find out more at .

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