Most brands recognize that we’re entering a market where differentiation is key. Loyalty programs are now the baseline, and many customers won’t consider shopping with companies that don’t offer them. In this kind of environment, brands should take a good look at their programs and figure out how to differentiate them.
This is exactly what Giant Eagle has done. The grocery retailer has made expansions to its fuelperks+ loyalty program (formerly known as “FuelPerks!”). The goal of the expansion is to increase in-store purchases. Typically, grocers with fuel stations offer discounts on gas based on in-store purchases. While fuelperks+ has historically operated that way, these expansions will make the opposite true as well: buying gas can earn discounts on groceries.
Consumers will still benefit from 10 cents off per gallon at the brand’s GetGo convenience stores for every $50 spent in the store, but now all purchases will be rewarded. Giant Eagle shoppers can alternatively get two cents off a grocery order for every $50 spent. Buying groceries, gas, gift cards, and prescriptions will earn points that can be used towards a gas discount or up to 20 percent of any size grocery order. 
These benefits are available at the 474 stores that the company operates (divided among the Giant Eagle, Market District, GetGo, and Rickers brands). Over 200 of those locations are supermarkets, and over 250 are convenience stores. To participate, Giant Eagle customers need an Advantage Card, which can be gotten at any location. There are presently over 32,000 members in the program, and 90 percent of purchases at Giant Eagle locations use an Advantage Card.
Advantage members will continue to be able to track perks earned when their loyalty cards are scanned on purchases inside Giant Eagle, Market District, and GetGo stores. GetGo fuel pumps also have displays that show consumers the perks they have earned.
“Our fuelperks! program has been greatly valued by our customers for more than a decade,” says the brand’s President and CEO, Laura Shapira Karet in a statement. “With fuelperks+, it was important that we build on the program’s strong legacy by adding new ways to save, earn and redeem rewards, while maintaining the framework of the traditional program. Our new program is truly a ‘plus’ for our customers, and we are excited to see how quickly they can enjoy additional savings by shopping with us.”
Expanding program reward options is always a good strategy to meet consumer demand for better value propositions. We’ve seen lots of brands differentiate themselves through such strategies. We plan to pay attention to Giant Eagle as its program membership grows.

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